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                                          COEXISTENCE, SYMBIOSIS ART/KEIKO OLDS


There are many people whom question themselves about how they got here, why humans exists and how did humans become born in this world. There are many times when we have epiphanies of our own existence. We wonder how strange it is that we are controlling this body.

Has anyone thought about an answer to our own existence?

I have a reasonable answer.

That is...the existence of humans have no significance whatsoever. Even if we exist, we do not have a purpose.

The humans in this world is only influencing negative actions towards the earth. Long ago, humans and animals were one community on these lands. Now, it is totally the opposite in human society. They classify pests as pests, when those pests are essential to the health of the ecosystem. The humans reach down towards the earth where no organisms can reach and take what they need for their resources. We create things that are not of nature and destroy it continuously. The land is something that animals share with other animals and is not the properties of people. The idea of reducing the population of one type of animals are planned by humans and does not allow nature to take its course. And then create things when humans want to create things. Humans bring in things that are most unnatural to the environment and causes it to grow. What humans call "money" is being traded for caged animals and natural resources. They kill and trap these animals to their own will. Humans even exchange money for hearts.

Humans were once normal organisms and a part of nature. But, they rapidly became like cancer cells, thus losing their own purpose of existence. Before the earth falls apart, it is best that humans were not here when that happens.

To the audience, I know that this wasn't the answer you were willing to hear.
As of now, humans need to convert to a lifestyle in which nature will accept us as organisms of need. An importance of existence to this world.
Right now, humans are only focusing about their surrounds and about their own "survival". It is important for them to see beyond their society and look far into the horizon.
Let us stop talking about ourselves and think about another theme.
Why am I...? Instead, ask yourself "What can I do to improve this earth?". Think about your surroundings, your existence, purpose and how you contribute to this earth.
Then, you will become a part of this natural cycle of this earth. This the definition of existence and 

by/Keiko Olds

Nice comment  From "Ms.Barbara Smith" Thank you.
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Keiko, Amazing beautifully written, you put into words what I think about every day... everything was true.. people are destroying animals and the Earth. 
There is hope with people like you on earth, I wish you would tour and make this a speech to everyone♥ 
Thank you for sharing your writing and pictures, on Tumbler photo of interspecies love and coexistence,  I love that. Animals are so much more evolved than we are. ..