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ROMANIA !! Stop Killing Dog!!!

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In 1980, the Romanian Communist Regime caused houses to be destroyed and therefore, people have started to live in apartments. Due to this, pet dogs were abandoned in the streets without birth control. After several decades, the population of dogs were increasing. By 2001, there were so many dogs, that even if 150,000 dogs were killed for animal control, the population of dogs did not decrease significantly. Killing dogs were not a profit to Romania, so the idea of the control of dog populations was almost abandoned. The citizens all support the idea of eliminating dogs in the streets because thousands of people were being bitten within 2-3 months. Out of those people, 1000 are children. In 2011, there was a tragic event. A 4-year-old Romanian boy was killed by a stray dog. This was the start of a country wide anger that caused citizens to inflict abuse towards stray dogs. 
"Protest in Bucharest over killing of four-year-old by stray dogs"
The Romanian Animal Rescue Group rescued stray dogs and applied birth control operations to 1000 dogs. But it had no effect towards the population. This is a significant sign that there are many dogs in Romania then one can imagine. If you walk  on the streets of a Romanian city, imagine that there are stray dogs all over the place. And with one small move towards them, you would not know whether they will bite or attack you. To the citizens of Romania, it is an extremely severe problem to handle. What do you think about this? How can we reduce the population of these stray dogs? It is easy to say "don't kill them" or "create a petition". With everyone in the world thinking about this issue, the real question is, "how do we reduce the population without killing the dogs?". Adoption of those dogs to citizens is possible, but not enough. What is best is that the world can contribute and help adopt these dogs as well.
Keiko T. Olds

✴︎Mass Slaughter Of Romanian Dogs Can Be Stopped

✴︎Romanian vote to kill Stray dogs

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★★BY/Mel Royal ★★
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★EU Country Romania are abusing and killing animals. The way the dogs are being killed is illegal! It has to be exposed and stopped! The cruelty these dogs are suffering is against the law! Puppies dogs, held down screaming, while men, who are not vets!!
Inject them to death. This could be fuel, or paint thinner. Some dogs are buried alive, beaten to death! Some are killed by laughing thugs in cars, who record it on there mobiles. Some been attacked with Acid, swords, and machete,s and some are hung, a very slow painful death. Some dogs have half there faces missing, thropugh the tourtue in Romania.
Dogs are in crates and cold dark cells on concrete floors, with no food, or care. some have open wounds and sores.
Some have broken bones, lying on the floor, unable to move, screaming in pain! These Death camps are hidden, and Romania only ever show, the nice clean ones.
These ones are where corrupt vets sign documents!
Claiming dogs are well cared for and charge for expenses for the dogs! But the government steal the money, and dogs go without!  Dogs are starved to death, some are killed by other dogs and eaten as they so hungry.
There are EU Animal welfare laws and regulations! Romania and the UK are both in the EU.
Governments all over the world run countries, and ignore people who pay taxes and people who campaign and want to be heard! BBC The One Show and O2 have both supported Romania, by promoting this country! Going against the hard work lots are doing to stop this awful slaughter!
Romania the media hate dogs!!
They have not written the truth, they provoke the  public, and encourage them to abuse tortue, kill animals.
There is a man and he has a dog hate programme, and on his blog, he says how to kill dogs! He has admitted publicity to using a poison that is banned in the EU. One person was on Romanian Television and he told viewers to go kill,  skin the dogs alive we will pay for there fur!
The UK Media has ignored me for months!
Enough now, you might be able to go to sleep every night. Not thinking about puppies and dogs and some cats, who suffering barbaric abuse  in Romania 2013 This is against the law!
There is a man and he has a dog hate programme, and on his blog, he says how to kill dogs! He has admitted publicity to using a poison that is banned in the EU. One person was on Romanian Television and he said go kill the dogs, skin them alive bring me there skins, will pay for there fur!
For decades Romania being abusing Animals and EU Taxes. 
We demand that action is taken right away!★


◉Petitioning David Cameron 
UK Government. @Number10gov Stop ignoring #Romaniastopanimalabuse Romania kills Dogs with torture!

◉Stop Mass Killing of Romanian Dogs

◉Romanian Government: STOP mass killing dogs! Adopt mass sterilization!

◉Stop Mass Killing of Romanian Dogs
◉Stop Mass Killing of Romanian Dogs

◉Petitioning Romanian Government 
Stop Barbulescu Flavius from Brasov, Romania to kill stray animals!
◉Petitioning President of the Romanian Parliament 
Romania: please do not allow the killing of healthy dogs!

◉Petition to stop the massacre of dogs in Romania
Public · By Jenni Niemi 

◉Condemn Romanian President’s Call to Kill Stray Dogs

◉Nach Bukarest: Gegen den Beginn der Tötung der Straßenhunde

◉President Traian Basescu of Romania: Stop the mass slaughter of stray dogs in Romania

◉The Romanian Government and the European Parliament: End Romanias Government abuse of public funds

◉The vice-mayor of Râmnicu Vâlcea: drop your plan to kill all homeless dogs after 7 days - it's unlawful! 

◉EU, when do you think it is time to act? 

Sharing News, Views & Petitions Regards Animal Abuse. Plus Various Animal Stories From Around The World
Petitions: Romania: Please Do Not Allow The Killing Of Healthy Dogs!

◉Save the Dogs Bürgermeister von Craiova / Rumänien /Mayor of Craiova / Romania: Immediately stop the plans off killing of stray dogs 

◉Mr Ovidiu Portariuc, Mayor of Botosani: collaborate with ADOR and implement a catch-neuter-return program

◉Romania: please do not allow the killing of healthy dogs!

◉Mayor of Botosani: Stop your evil plans of killing all stray dogs! 

◉Craiova City Hall and Police Department: Stop the illegal slaughter of dogs in the public shelter 

◉Romanian Government: STOP mass killing dogs! Adopt mass sterilization! 

◉Diesem Menschen: "Herr" Flavius Barbulescu, muss endlich sein Handwerk gelegt werden. Bitte unterschreibt und leitet die Petition weiter. Vielen Dank!!! 

◉SEMNATI PETITIA! Mass-media TREBUIE sa plateasca pentru instigare la violenta si crima 

◉E.U. Parliament - VP Animal Welfare Intergroup European Comunity: STOP the 'euthanasia' policy for stray animals in Romania!  

◉Emil Boc, Mayor of Cluj ,Romania and his Police Department: To investigate and bring justice to the horrific abusers of two small dogs 

◉ Stoppt die Mörder Massaker an die geliebten Tieren Romania  

◉CRAIOVA stop killing dogs, or... 

◉Stop the massacre of the stray... 

◉ Le respect des lois pour les animaux en Europe


◉Boycott the request of Romania to enter in Schengen until it will solve in civilized mode the problem of strays

◉Appeal to the mayors of Romanian cities to support the adoption of stray dogs!
Appellieren Sie an die rumänischen Bürgermeister, die Adoption von Streunerhunden zu unterstützen!

◉Ihre Stimme für die rumänischen Straßenhunde:

◉Keine Hunde-Euthanasie in Rumänien / Dire NON aux crimes, Dire NON à l'euthanasie du chien! / Spune NU crimelor, Spune NU eutanasierii cainilor! 

◉Say No to Euthanasia / Keine Hunde-Euthanasie in Rumänien / Capitala Europeana cu solutii Europene ! NU Eutanasie !

◉Spune NU eutanasierii cainilor / Say NO to dog euthanasia


◉Stop Slaughter and Animal Abuses in Romania!

◉Stop animal abuse in Romania, an EU country!

◉Stop Slaughters and Animal Abuses in Romania!

◉Abgeordnete in der EU aus Deutschland: Stoppt den Wahnsinn in Rumänien 

◉EU Brüssel: Endlich GESETZ verabschieden. sign now!!! a Law, against killing straydogs. 

◉Wir möchten die Streuner in Rumänien retten, es gibt dafür nur eine Lösung!