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Let's Regain Syria, Save The Children and People of Syria.

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                                           Art by Save the Children org.

A picture taken on April 8, 2018, shows smoke billowing as Syrian Army 
soldiers advance on the eastern outskirts of Douma


Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian crisis of our time: now in its fourth year, it has cost over 200,000 lives, while at least 7.6 million people are internally displaced and another 4 million have become refugees in other countries, half of them under the age of 18. They are fleeing the fighting between government and disparate non-state armed groups that continues to rage across the country.

Syria’s Past
Syria has a rich history, going back thousands of years; in fact archaeologists believe the country was home to one of the most ancient civilizations on earth. Subsequently the area known as Syria has been taken over by many ancient empires, including the Egyptians, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Persians and the Greeks.

Jumping forward to the 16th century, the country that came to be known as Syria was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1516 and remained part of their empire for four centuries. At that time Syrian territory included the area we now call Syria, as well as Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, the Gaza Strip as well as parts of Turkey and Iraq.

With World War One came the collapse of the Ottoman empire, and in 1916, under the Sykes-Picot Agreement, Britain and France divided up the entire area in what looks like pretty arbitrary fashion. They decided to put Syria under French mandate, and in 1918, when Arab and British troops captured Damascus and Aleppo, Syria became a League of Nations mandate and moved under French control in 1920.

So Syria, just like its neighbors Iraq and Lebanon was a country created artificially by Britain and France. Also as in both of those countries, the western colonial powers created an ethnically divided society. About 70 percent of the population of Syria is Sunni, about 15 percent are Alawites (a Muslim sect with Shia links), and there are also several smaller groups, including ethnic Kurds and Christian Arabs.

By: Judy M.

Reports indicate that at least 76,000 people were killed in 2014 out of a total of 220,000 since the crisis began, including thousands of children. The exact death toll is unknown, and possibly much higher. Deliberate attacks, including the organized murder, rape, and torture of men, women and children continue to be committed by different sides in the conflict throughout Syria every day.


          The following is a petition made several years ago

                  Tell World Leaders: The Future of Syria’s Children is in Their Hands

                     David Cameron: Protect children facing brutal wars and disasters

                      Support Syrian Children’s Right to Education

                     Stop the bombs so Syrian refugees can go home

                       Stop explosive weapons - justice for injured children and families!

                 Release my family from Moscow Airport and grant them asylum from Syria

Befreien Sie meine syrische Familie aus dem Raucherraum am Flughafen Moskau.

 Gewähren Sie ihr Asyl!


 News demanding UK accept more refugees reaches 120,000 after images of drowned Syrian children break hearts across world

   ⬆︎Drone footage shows the Bab al-Salama refugee camp on the Syrian border with Turkey. 
Turkish humanitarian groups IHH and the Independent Doctors Association established the camp over a matter of days to accommodate thousands of Syrian refugees. Turkey’s crossing remains closed, despite pressure from the UN to re-open its border to the increasing number of displaced people


                                   ⬆︎  June 2015
A man evacuates a child from a building in Aleppo following a reported barrel bomb attack by Syrian government forces. 
A US embassy tweet said: ‘We have long seen that the regime avoids Isis lines, in complete contradiction to the regime’s claims to be fighting Isis.’ Photograph: Karam Al-Masri/AFP/Getty Images



  • WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE   By Save the Children org.
    ◎ Parties to the conflict should abide by international human rights law (IHRL) and international humanitarian law (IHL), cease attacks on schools and hospitals, and end the use of explosive weapons with wide-area effects in populated areas.
    ◎The UNSC and UN member states with influence in Syria should take immediate steps to hold accountable those responsible for breaches of IHRL and IHL.
    ◎Transfers of arms and ammunition to parties which have used them to commit war crimes should be halted.
    ◎UN agencies and NGOs should significantly scale-up protection activities inside Syria, particularly from neighbouring countries. 
    ◎Parties to the conflict should: facilitate humanitarian access to all parts of Syria; end attacks on humanitarian workers; and remove administrative barriers to aid, including Syrian government restrictions on travel and working with Syrian organizations.
    ◎Influential governments should press countries bordering Syria to facilitate cross-border aid delivery, including by streamlining administrative processes for aid agencies and maintaining timely access through border crossings. 
    ◎Donorsshouldfullyfundtheresponse and support international aid agencies to build the capacity of Syrian NGOs, while also increasing funding to support refugees and poor local populations in countries neighbouring Syria. 
    ◎Wealthy countries should scale up resettlement and humanitarian admissions programmes to ensure that at least 5% of refugees are able to access protection outside the region in 2015.19
    ◎Partiestotheconflictshouldendthe fighting and enter into meaningful, inclusive peace talks that respect the rights and aspirations of the Syrian people.
    ◎The UNSC and governments with influence should put urgent emphasis on finding a political solution and support the efforts of the UN Special Envoy to secure a freeze in the fighting in the city of Aleppo. 
    Please Read More➡︎ SYRIA_REPORT_MARCH2015.PDF

                                                                                                                              Bombing from Russia to Islam


 Ahmed Manasrah Picture, Video Released by Israeli Police

        Ahmad Manasrah lays bleeding while his attackers film with their cell phones.

Video evidenced leaked in November. A distressed Ahmad Manasrah is beingy Israeli police, without a parent or interrogated and forced to confess byer present. law

      I am 14 years old Ahmad Manasrah handcuffed to my bed in the hospital & imprisoned by israel 

                    We demand freedom for all children in Israeli jails

Straight Outta Syria


                 Letter from My friend Mimi, She is the Muslim in Dubai, 
                    United Arab Emirates and five children's mother.

Sunni Muslims killed by the hands of the people of the Shia.
Islam is the religion of mercy.
We must not animal torture.
Because this is the commandment of the Prophet Mohammed.
Our religion, a religion of compassion.
This is what is happening in Syria and Iraq, was killed by Shiite regime.
I do not know why there is murder of Muslims. We want peace and goodness.
Many children, women and elderly civilians have died.
Shiite Iran and manages these battles against Sunni Muslims.
Human rights did not stop this killing of Muslims.
نريدنا  of the world that the stop this murder for our families.
Shiite Iran and manages these battles against Sunni Muslims.
Russia and Iran are involved in the murder of our families in Syria aircraft.
Because we are Muslims , the world is watching the killing that occurs and does not stop it.
Russia must stop the aircraft and the Army of Iran for the killing of our children and our mothers.
I hope that you deploy clips of innocent civilians who have been killed.
Thank you Kthira.ajb that peace prevails in my Arab for They are sad and hungry.
Because our children are being killed without guilt and this injustice and God does not like Criminals.

From Mimi in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


        A World at School


Give Monthly
Increase your impact for survivors of the harrowing Mediterranean Sea journey and others in urgent need. Save the Children 

Make your first monthly gift today and you'll be rushing life-saving assistance to families fleeing countries affected by violence and conflict, including Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

                                                                      New York Times
                      Behind Stark Political Divisions, 
               a More Complex Map of Sunnis and Shiites
                       By SARAH ALMUKHTAR, SERGIO PEÇANHA and TIM WALLACE   JAN. 5, 2016

The New York Times|Source: M. Izady, Columbia University's Gulf 2000 project | Note: Non-Muslims and other Islamic sects are not shown.

Sunni-led allies of Saudi Arabia have cut diplomatic ties with Shiite Iran, further polarizing
the Middle East along the two major branches of Islam. But while almost all of the governments
are controlled by one sect, the countries’ populations are a mix of Sunnis and Shiites, as well
as other branches and sub-sects, an important and complicating factor in the region’s conflicts.Shades of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula

Wahhabism, an ultraconservative doctrine linked to Sunni Islam, is embraced by about a quarter of the Saudi population, according to Michael Izady, a historian and cultural geographer who has mapped ethnicity and religion for Columbia University. But many Saudis are not so conservative and the country also has a sizeable Shiite minority. Saudi Arabia’s mass execution of 47 men on terrorism-related charges last week included Sunnis and Shiites.There are about three Shiites for every five Sunnis in the Middle East. Most of the Shiites are in Iran, but they are also the majority in countries like Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Iraq, and are a significant political and military force in Lebanon and Syria.

Iran is also home to about eight million Sunnis who make up about 11 percent of the population. The country is accused of supporting the Shiite Houthi insurgents in Yemen and of fomenting Shiite opposition in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It is a key supporter of Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite militia, and of president Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The New York Times

                   Professional and Citizen Journalists,
         Media Activists killed inside or outside of Syria.





  Professional or citizen journalists/media activists killed inside or outside of Syria, 
             and Professional journalists who died from other circumstances

Date                        Name               Location                             Notes                                     Refs

●31 January 2015      Kenji Goto Unknown (ISIL) Japanese freelance video journalist [4]
●25 September 2014 Unidentified member of Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently Raqqa
                                Name withheld for security reasons; date is reported date [5]
●10 September 2014Mohamed Al Qasim Idlib Reporter for Syrian radio station Rozana [6]r
●2 September 2014 Steven Joel Sotloff Unknown (ISIL) American freelance photographer [7]
●19 August 2014      James Wright Foley  Unknown (ISIL) American freelance photographer [8]
●27 May 2013         Yara Abbas Homs (Dabaa airport) Reporter for Syrian News Channel (al-Ikhbariyah) [9]
●1 April 2013         Abdul Raheem Kour Hassan Damascus Radio director for Watan FM [10]
●15 March 2013        Ahmed Khaled Shehadeh Damascus (Daraya) Editor-in-chief at the newspaper Anab Balady [1]
●10 March 2013       Ghaith Abd al-Jawad Damascus Citizen journalist working for the Qaboun Media Center [11]
●10 March 2013         Amr Badir al-Deen Junaid (aka Abu Ameer) Damascus Citizen journalist working for the Qaboun      Media Center [12]
●3 March 2013          Walid Jamil Amira Damascus  Citizen journalist working for the Jobar Media Center [13]
●25 February 2013 Wael Abdul Aziz Homs (Baba Amr) Citizen journalist [1]
●24 February 2013 Olivier Voisin Idlib Governor Ate (wounded in Syria and died in Turkey)  French freelance photographer; injured near Idlib, died in Turkey [14]
●19 February 2013 Adnan Abu Abdo Daraa Citizen journalist [1]
●17 February 2013 Mohamed Mohamed Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
●17 February 2013 Mohammed Saeed Al-Hamwi Damascus (Qaboun) Citizen journalist [1]
●15 February 2013 Yousef Adel Bakri Aleppo Citizen journalist with the Aleppo News Network [1]
●12 February 2013 Hamada Abdel-Salam Al-Khatib Homs Citizen journalist [1]
●11 February 2013 Zaid Abu Obeida Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
●6 February 2013 Mohammed Kurdi Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
●3 February 2013 Abdul Latif Khalil Khuder Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
●2 February 2013 Nabil Al-Nabulsi Daraa Izra Citizen journalist [1]
●24 January 2013 Mohamed Abd Al-Rahman Damascus Sports journalist for pro-government news website Syria News [15][16]
●18 January 2013 Mohammed al-Masalmeh, a.k.a. Mohamed al-Hourani Basri Al-Hariri, Daraa        Governorate Al Jazeera TV reporter [17][18][19]
●18 January 2013 Amjed Al-Sayoufi Saqba (east of Damascus) Citizen journalist [16][19]
●18 January 2013 Hossein Al-Qadri Saqba (east of Damascus) Citizen journalist [16]
●17 January 2013 Yves Debay (French Belgian) Aleppo Assaut (French magazine) (founder and journalist) [17][19][20]
●15 January 2013 Ahmed Assaad Al-Shahab Homs Citizen journalist who was executed in a beheading by Syrian forces [16][19]
●13 January 2013 Bassem Fawaz Al-Za'bi Tafas (near Deraa) Citizen journalist [16][19]
●4 January 2013 Suhail Mahmoud Al-Ali Damascus or Aleppo Addounia TV [21][21][22][23][24]
●22 December 2012 Haidar Smoudi (also transliterated al-Sumudi) Damascus Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) [1][25]
●13 December 2012 - 17 December 2012  Richard Engel Ma’arrat Misrin NBC TV. American TV reporter, producer, camera operator, and two crew were abducted after an ambush and held captive for 5 days until rebels freed the team from the group of Syrian loyalists known Shabiha. [123]
●12 December 2012 Anmar Yassin Mohammad Damascus (Mezzeh) pro-gov Syrian News Center [26][27]
●6 December 2012 Mohamed Khair Sheikh Qwaider Arbin (east of Damascus) Citizen journalist [1]
●4 December 2012 Naji Assaad Damascus (Tadamon) Tishreen [28]
●30 November 2012 Marwan Hamid Charbaji Damascus (Daraya) Citizen journalist [1]
●29 November 2012 Mohammad Koraytem Damascus (Daraya) Citizen journalist [1]
●25 November 2012 Mohamed al-Khal Deir ez-Zor Shaam News Network [29]
●21 November 2012 Basel Tawfiq Yussif Damascus (Tadamon) Journalist for Syria's Public Authority for Radio and Television (Syrian state TV) [29][30][31]
●20 November 2012 Huzan Abdul Halim Mahmoud Al-Hasaka (Ras al-Ayn) Citizen journalist [1]
●19 November 2012 Mohammed Al-Zaheer Al-Naimi Damasacus (Al-Bouaida) Citizen journalist [1]
●18 November 2012 Mohammed Al-Khalid Aleppo Media activist executed by the Free Syria Army [1]
●17 November 2012 Abdullah Hassan Kaaka Unknown Citizen journalist tortured by the government [1]
●16 November 2012 Mustafa Kerman Aleppo Citizen journalist [1]
●5 November 2012 Samer Khrayshi Arbin (east of Damascus) Citizen journalist [1]
●2 November 2012 Hassan Haidar Al Sheikh Hammoud Homs Citizen journalist [1]
●1 November 2012 Mohammad Khalil Al-Wakaa Deir ez-Zor Citizen journalist [1]
●23 October 2012 Anas Al-Ahmed Unknown Citizen journalist [1][32]
●20 October 2012 Omar Abdul Razik Lattouf (uncle) Aleppo Citizen journalist [1]
●20 October 2012 Mohammed Jumaa Abdul Karim Lattouf (nephew) Aleppo Citizen journalist [1]
●10 October 2012 Mohammad Al-Ashram Deir ez-Zor Syrian News Channel (Al-Ikhbariyah TV) [33]
●3 October 2012 Mona Bakkour Aleppo (Saadallah Al-Jabri Square) Thawra [1]
●2 October 2012 Ahmed Ali Saada Damascus Citizen journalist and worked for the Syrian National Council [1]
●27 September 2012Mohamad Fayad Askar Deir ez-Zor (Al Kousour) Citizen journalist [1]
●26 September 2012Abdul Aziz Ragheb Al-Sheikh Deir ez-Zor (Al Jabla) Citizen journalist for Shaam News Network [1]
●19 September 2012 Abdul Kareem Al Okdah  Hama  Citizen journalist for Shaam News Network [1]
●9 September 2012 Tamer Al-Awam Aleppo Freelance filmmaker [34]
●6 September 2012 Anas Al-Abdullah Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
●6 September 2012 Tahseen Al-Toum Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
●6 September 2012 Nawaf Al-Hindi Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
●4 September 2012 Mohamed Badeer Al-Qasim Homs Citizen journalist who started a media center in Deir ez-Zor [1]
●22 August 2012 Maya Nasser Damascus Press TV (Iran) [35]
●22 August 2012 Omar Hamed al Zanil (also transliterated Omar Al Hamed Al-Zamel) Al-Hirak, Izra' District, Daraa Governorate Citizen journalist [1][36]
●22 August 2012 Musab al-Odallah Naher Aisha, Damascus Tishreen [36][37][38][39][40]
●20 August 2012 Mika Yamamoto (Japanese) Aleppo Japan Press [41][42]
●11 August 2012 Ali Abbas Jdaidet Artouz (town), southwest of Damascus Journalist for SANA who was killed at his home [43][44][45][46]
●11 August 2012 Bara'a Yusuf al-Bushi Al-Tall Citizen journalist [43][45]
●10 August 2012 Hatem Abu Yehya Al-Tall Syrian News Channel (Al-Ikhbariyah TV) [43][47][48]
●3 August 2012         Mohammed al-Saeed Jdaidet Artouz, southwest of Damascus SANA TV presenter who was kidnapped and executed [43][44][49]
●3 August 2012         Ahmad Salam Damascus Citizen journalist [1]
●3 August 2012         Zuhair Muhammed Al-Shaher Deir ez-Zor Citizen journalist [1]
●22 July 2012         Mahmoud Sudqi Idlib Governorate Citizen journalist [50]
●19 July 2012         Mohamed al-Hosni Al-Qusayr, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist and director of the Media Centre in Al Qusour [1][51]
●18 July 2012         Ali Juburi al-Kaabi (Iraqi) Damascus Al Roaa (Iraq) [52][53]
●18 July 2012         Falah Taha (Iraqi) Damascus Al Roaa (Iraq) [52][53]
●12 July 2012         Ihsan al Buni (also transliterated Ihssan Al-Binni) Damascus (Daraya) Al-Thawra [1][54][55]
●4 July 2012         Suhaib Dib Damascus Citizen journalist [56][57]
●4 July 2012         Alaa Umar Jumaa Kansaba Citizen journalist [58]
●2 July 2012         Mohamed Hamdo Hallaq Azaz (near Aleppo) Citizen journalist [56][57]
●28 June 2012         Mohammed Ali Al Haymad Damascus (Daraya) Citizen journalist [1]
●28 June 2012         Samer Khalil Al-Sataleh (Al-Salta), aka Abou Yasser Damscus (Douma) Citizen journalist [1][56][57]
●27 June 2012         Mohammad Shamma Damascus (Drousha) Syrian News Channel (Al-Ikhbariyah TV) [59][60]
●27 June 2012         Zaid Kahel Damascus (Drousha) Syrian News Channel (Al-Ikhbariyah TV) [59][61]
●27 June 2012         Sami Abu Amin Damascus (Drousha) Syrian News Channel (Al-Ikhbariyah TV) [59][61]
●26 June 2012         Wael Omar Barad Jarjaraz Citizen journalist [1]
●25 June 2012       Ghias Khaled Al-Hmouria  Damscus (Douma) Citizen journalist [56][57]
●21 June 2012         Hamza Mahmoud Othman Homs Citizen journalist [1][62]
●21 June 2012          Omar Al-Ghantawi Homs Citizen journalist [56][57]
●16 June 2012         Ahmed Hamada Homs (Baba Amr) Citizen journalist [63]
●15 June 2012         Bassim Barakat Darwish Al-Rastan, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist & founder of the Rastan Media Center [64]
●13 June 2012         Ayham Youssef Al Hariri Houran Citizen journalist [1]
●10 June 2012         Khaled Al-Bakir (Al-Bakr) Al-Qusayr, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist & founder of Alaasi Revolution News Network [63][65][66]
●31 May 2012         Abdulhameed Idriss Matar Al-Qusayr, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist [1]
●28 May 2012         Bassel Shehadeh Homs Citizen journalist [67][68][69]
●28 May 2012         Ahmed Al Assam Homs Citizen journalist [69][70]
●27 May 2012         Ammar Mohamed Zado (also transliterated Amar Mohamed Souheil Zada) Damascus (Al-Midan) director of Shaam News Network [1][69][71][72]
●27 May 2012         Ahmed Adnan Al-Ashlaq Damascus (Al-Midan) Shaam News Network [69][71][73]
●27 May 2012         Lawrence Fahmy Al-Naimi Damascus (Al-Midan) Shaam News Network [69][71][74]
●17 May 2012         Hasan Azhari Lattakia Citizen journalist who was arrested, tortured, and killed in Damascus at The Military Security prison (Branch 215) [1]
●4 May 2012         Abdul Ghani Kaakeh Aleppo (Salah Al-Din) Citizen journalist [75][76][77]
●17 April 2012         Khaled Mahmoud Kabbisho Idlib Citizen journalist [69][78][79]
●17 April 2012         Alaa al-Din Hassan al-Douri Hama Governorate Citizen journalist [69][78][79]
●14 April 2012         Sameer Shalab al-Sham Homs Citizen journalist [69][79][80]
●14 April 2012         Ahmed Abdollah Fakhriyeh Dumeir (northeast of Damascus), Rif Dimashq Governorate Citizen journalist [69][79]
●6 April 2012         Anas Al-Houlani Homs Citizen journalist [1]
●29 March 2012 Ahmed Mohamed Djibril Idlib Citizen journalist who was 17 years old at the time he was shot and killed [1][81]
●26 March 2012 Walid Bledi (Algerian/British) Darkush (near the Turkish border) U.K. freelance journalist [82][83][84][85][86]
●26 March 2012 Naseem Intriri (Algerian/French) Darkush (near the Turkish border) U.K. freelance journalist [82][83][84][85][86]
●26 March 2012 Jawan Mohammed Qatna Al-Hasakeh (Ad Darbasiyah) Kidnapped (Kurdish) citizen journalist for Free Derbassiyeh Coordination Committee whose body was later discovered [82][86]
●9 March 2012         Amr Kaaka Doma (near Damascus) Citizen journalist [1]
●24 February 2012 Abdullah Khaled Awad Al-Qusayr, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist [1]
●24 February 2012 Anas al-Tarsha Homs (Qarabees) Citizen journalist [69][87]
●22 February 2012 Remi Ochlik (French) Homs French freelance photographer for IP3 Press photo agency [88][89][90]
●22 February 2012 Marie Colvin (American) Homs The Sunday Times (UK) [88][91][92][93]
●21 February 2012 Rami al-Sayed Homs (Baba Amr) Citizen journalist [69][94][95][96]
●16 February 2012 Anthony Shadid (American) Syrian-Turkish border An award winning New York Times reporter who died from an asthma attack while reporting in Syria. [119][120]
●7 February 2012 Mazhar Tayyara (also transliterated Madhar Amr Tayara) Homs Freelance journalist for Agence France-Presse (France), The Guardian (UK), Die Welt (Germany) [97][98][99][100][101]
●5 February 2012 Saleh Samih Murjan Karm Zeitun (near Homs) Citizen journalist [1]
●27 January 2012 Usama Burhan Idriss Homs (Inshaatt) Citizen journalist [1]
●11 January 2012 Gilles Jacquier (French) Homs France 2 [102][103][104][105]
●2 January 2012 Shoukri Ahmed Ratib Abu Bourghoul (also transliterated Shukri Ratib Abu Burghol) Damascus (Daraya) al-Thawra (daily) and Radio Damas [106][107][108][109]
●28 December 2011 Muawiya Ibrahim Ayoub Al-Rastan, Homs Governorate Citizen journalist [1]
●27 December 2011 Muatassim Al-Saleh Hama Citizen journalist [1]
●27 December 2011 Basil al-Sayed Homs (Baba Amr) Citizen journalist/videographer [110][111]
●21 December 2011 Rami Ismail Iqbal a Syrian prison Citizen journalist [1][62]
●15 December 2011 Bilal Jibss Idlib (Kafr Tkharam) Citizen journalist [1]
●15 December 2011 Hamza Khalid Amer Shamseen (near Homs) Citizen journalist [1]
●6 December 2011 Firas Barshan Homs Citizen journalist [1]
●26 November 2011 Nizar Adnan Humsa Homs (Al Bayada) Citizen journalist who died while in custody of the Syrian intelligence agency [1]
●20 November 2011 Ferzat Jarban Al-Qusayr, Homs Governorate Freelance TV camera operator [112][113][114]
●5 May 2011         Ahmed Souleymane Daheek Homs Citizen journalist [1]
Professional or citizen journalists/media activists killed outside of Syria
●29 April 2011 - 18 May 2011 Dorothy Parvaz Damascus Al Jazeera. She carries Iranian, Canadian and U.S. passports. [121][122]

My name is Feryal. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, but I grew up in a small town in Iraq called Sinjar. Last August, ISIS kidnapped thousands of women and girls from my hometown. For a year, ISIS has tortured and raped them. Many are teenagers just like me.
Please urge President Obama to help save 3,200 women and children from my community -- some as young as 11 -- who were captured by ISIS, and have been raped and tortured for the past year.

Number of believers of world's religions, 
Christian 20billion people (33 %), 
Islam 13 billion people (22%), 
Hinduism 900 million (15%), 
Buddhism 360 million people (6% ), 
Confucianism, Taoism 230 million (4%), 
No religion 850 million people (14%), 
and other ( 6%).