Part 3. We don't need anymore Dolphins Show Aquarium. To Taiji dolphin activists, a message to you.

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 Further to popular demand, all our live mammal shows will be replaced by this.

IMAX, 3-D, and the virtual reality technology  Queensland University of Technology
IMAX、3-D、およびバーチャルリアリティ技術             クイーンズランド工科大学

Getting back to nature: a visitor takes a photo of jellyfish 
in the aquarium in Wuhan, China. Photo by Reuters

                                                              Space Museums "TeNQ" in Tokyo dome

    To Taiji dolphin activists, a message to you:  (2)
            From Action for Marine Mammals Representative
                             Toshiaki Morioka

Dolphin protection activists who have working in Taiji has been told to "Get out of Taiji" and continues to be abused by dolphin hunting advocates and the right-wing nationalist faction. They are too unilateral to create a discussion. The fishermen deepens their confidence and pride against the Japanese dolphin release for dolphin protection activists. The fisherman cannot push away the activists because they are intrigued to accomplish their goal. Those activists do not need to listen to these abusive words. I want those whom use force to stop the fisherman whom hunt Dolphins, whole heartedly, to leave the area. 

Before I state my opinion, about the area in which the dolphin hunting occur, we have to say that they are doing the wrong thing and are making a grave mistake. In Wakayama Taiji, from Japan's agricultural view, the supply of Dolphins provides only 1/8 of the whole dolphin supply. 
(in 2012, the total number of Dolphins caught was over 16497, and out of the total, Taiji caught 2013). The Japanese dolphin hunting requires a harpoon to kill the animal. The fishermen catch the Dolphins far enough that you cannot see by a binocular. Right now, 

Dolphin hunting in Hokkaido is still being carried out. Dolphin hunting has began due to the  rapid recovery of devastated by the tsunami Tohoku region (mainly Iwate Prefecture). Dolphin hunting in Taiji is easy to be seen by the public eye from the simple reason that the massacre has created "The Cove" documentary. However, a larger tragedy is not just in Taiji but many of them are done elsewhere. We must be kept note of that fact.

Right now, a lot of dolphin protection activists gather in Taiji because of a big misunderstanding. 
Taiji's goal is not to hunt for food.
"Taiji have to hunt in order to eat" This quote is a widespread in the media and displayed as a wrong propaganda. "Protect the tradition of dolphin food" is what fisherman wants to display.

In the late 1960s, whaling in Taiji (dolphin) was very different.
The Mayor of Taiji of those days with held the name "town of whaling" to Taiji in 1969 so that tourists would come as well as opening the Taiji Whale Museum with training facilities for Dolphins. 
In order to sell the dolphin in facilities for dolphin shows in Japan and overseas, they created a training area to tame them.
Up to 2014, Taiji house a facility in which they take in wild dolphins and tame them. 

Cute, smart, and well accustomed to humans, to catch the dolphin that hears you very well, must be a motivation catch a lot of dolphins and choose one that fits that description. 
Drive Hunting's Hunting is the No. 1 best way that does not injure the dolphin. So fisherman catches a dolphin just for the aquarium and kills the remaining lot. 
And eating dolphins in Taiji, rather than the traditions and food culture, began after 1969. The catching of Dolphins was first mainly for dolphin aquariums, but the remaining Dolphins were given to the fisherman as a bonus. 
"I have eaten due to a habit".  Even if everyone is persuading fisherman and telling them to  "not eat the dolphin", people of Taiji will not stop.
This is because because the dolphins are sold for the aquarium and does not have to stop fishing.

Us, the activists, must stop the dolphin aquariums. So I need to share this with a lot of people.
We must persuade people not to buy dolphin show tickets. It is the only way.
It not a simple matter, and this does not solve the problem immediately.
The Government and intellectuals in South Korea Eliminated the the dolphin show after a long discussion with the People. 

The demonstrations that activists carry out in Taiji do not change anything. Even if the hidden camera or spying, this is the wrong course of action.  Admittedly, monitoring is a necessity, but it is no doubt you will be directed to a more worst situation. It may possibly increase fundings from the government due to low buisness.
This should be well known to dolphin protection activists.
We must fight not only Taiji, but the other 53 locations in Japan and it's Dolphinarium with more than 300 places in the world.
Because people are going to see the dolphins, they can sell dolphin.
The dolphin show is neither logical or part of culture; it is simply business.
Dolphin fishing and sales of bio-sale has been carried out using tax money. 
Therefore, dolphin conservationists and environmental protection organizations in the world must direct their effort and be committed to eliminating the dolphin show.

Action for Marine Mammals 
Representative:Toshiaki Morioka

海洋哺乳類を守る会 代表  森岡敏明より




1960年代後半を境に太地で捕鯨(イルカ猟)のスタイルは大きく変化している。当時の太地町長が太地を「捕鯨の町」として 町おこしの材料にしようと、1969年にイルカの馴致施設を備えた「太地町立くじらの博物館 (Taiji Whale Museum)」を開館した。馴致施設とはイルカを飼い馴らし、イルカショーのために国内及び海外の水族館に転売できるよう訓練するための施設である。2014年現在、この施設を備えイルカを飼育しているのは、世界でも太地町のみである*1。



海外のイルカ保護活動家が太地でデモをし、モニターをし、スパイまがいの活動をしているのは、残念ながらまったく逆効果で筋違いな活動と言わざるを得ない。確かに太地については監視も必要な側面はあるが、外野やマスコミを煽る負の効果のほうがはるかに大きく、なかんずく、税金の拠出根拠にされていることには言及せざるを得ない。このことにイルカ保護活動家であるなら無関心であってはならない。我々が向かうべきは太地ではなく、日本全国に53か所、そして世界各国に300ヶ所以上存在する水族館 (Dolphinarium)である。言うまでもないが、需要があるからこそ供給がある。イルカショーとは倫理や文化の問題ではなく、ビジネスの領域に属する問題である。イルカ猟が税金と生体販売の売上金で維持されている以上、我々イルカ保護活動家及び国内海外の環境保護団体はイルカショーのチケットを買わせない活動にリソースを集中すべきである。問題を解決するためには問題のルーツを正しく見極めなければならない。

海洋哺乳類を守る会 代表

 ◎◎◎Smoll Tipe whaling and Dolphin hunt in Japan◎◎◎

           ↓2004 Shizuoka, Futo, Drive-hunting like Taiji. They have switched to dolphin watching now.

         ↓Chiba-prefecture Wada (Crossbow) 千葉県和田(突き棒)↓




                   Aquariums housing dolphins and their population

How Long Do animal Live?  動物の寿命

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To be contenue to part 4.  Coming soon.

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