A 10,000 YEAR HISTORY OF Domestic/Farm Animal / Stop Factry Farm

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Art/Keiko Olds

Egypt  farm
I am against humans eating meat. But I cannot talk  about not eating meat alone. I will force people to stop eating meat. There will never be a time in which this world will stop eating meat. But I am against the fact that we eat wild animals. Especially mammals. When I say those words, there will always people who will reply: "Then is eating fish and sharks okay then? Then therefore, we can create dolphin farms and dog farms and eat them since they're not wild?". There are some people who says this nonsense.

Eight-thousand years ago in Egypt and Africa, people raised domesticated cows, chickens, ducks and boars. During the last 10,000 years, we have been eating meat as part of our diet, and domesticated common animals such as dogs and cats. 

Chinese people eat anything they can get their hands on. The reason why is because the people were formally poor and lived where food is scarce. The severe drought has prevented anything to grow in China. Instead, they killed and ate wild animals. But only the middle class could afford the meat of wild animals, and the poorest had the worst availability of food. As a result of desperate measures, they began to eat human flesh and wildlife. In order to obtain human meat, they attack the nearest village. To prevent attacks, villages put up fences. There are many people in China who grew up at that time of eating human flesh, and still live today. Human meat is not eaten today, but since no human meat are available, the meat of a wild animal is a feast to them. A person's feeling will prevent one from eating another human being, but desperate measures calls for desperate actions. What very frightening is that it gets in a habit of eating wild animals. This goes the same for the widespread factory farm. In factory farms, they treat animals as if they have no stress or pain, and raise them for meat. Since they're used to this, they don't feel pity towards the animals they kill. For example, killing chickens in front of shops, or releasing a wild cow into a lion pit for a zoo. Fur companies strip animal's hides. It's almost like the Buddhist form of hell. 

It's not only in China, but in many other companies. There are ritualistic killing in different parts of Asia, in which involves starving an animal to death and eating it's meat. In a certain Asian ritual, involves binding the feet of a pig and slicing it in half. Sometimes people enjoy watching pain, running blood, and animals running around in fear. That feeling is fueled by watching suspense dramas, boxing, horror movies and entertainment news. We watch animals become fearful of humans as entertainment such as rodeos and bullfighting. 

Recently, China has bought a slaughter house from the U.S.. The reason behind this is to promote eating safer meat. Pigs and chickens are raised in tightly spaced areas, creating more and more diseases. On top of that, wild animals have many unknown illnesses. Since American meat is safer, we must provide 1.344 billion people with meat. Since farms will not provide all those people with meat, more factory farms are produced. I want to eliminate the use of factory farms. But since China bought farms from the U.S., factory farms will increase rapidly. In factory farms, there foagura, fur and Peking ducks are a victim to factory farms. All their life, they spend in small, tight areas for life and without freedom. They are killed without a moment of joy. The meat you eat everyday, it is important to be respectful to the animals that were killed for you. 

As a recap, I am against humans eating meat. But I cannot talk  about not eating meat alone.Because there will never be a time where carnivores don't exist. And we as humans have eaten meat for 10,000 years. Eating meat is a very sad things, but we should keep pet from substituting farm meats. Let us close these cruel factory farms and created a very large farm that keeps domestic animals happy from their brith to their death. Because these animals are to be eaten, it is important to apply happiness to their lives. I understand that this will cost money and trouble, but if you think of these animals as humans, our treatment to them will most likely change our attitudes. We have done this before, and if we are still able to continue, we can start again. Although, the price of meat may rise. 

One more thing, we are processed by the obsession of good, tasting foods. More and more in our lively hoods, we are able to eat these good foods at anytime and anywhere. And as a result, we are furthermore having the tempted to eat rich foods. The Chinese people are becoming less poorer and more richer by the day. They see other countries with rich foods and wealth, thus creating competition for power, which I understand. We need to have them eliminate greedy people and deal with the horrifying population count. If the Chinese want to become even with America, they must first create a base to their power instead of their looks. It is important to listen to the world's voices.  
〜Keiko Olds〜

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When we discuss these topics, it make seem like the image of Korea and China is becoming worst, and I'd like to improve that. A movement of people exists among that want to protect the animals. I know that they want to rescue the dogs and cats who are farmed for their fur and meat. Please do not take it the wrong way. There are many Koreans and Chinese people who wants to save the animals too.  

Buddhist Hell Art. Click Here.

This is a traditional Japanese Buddhist painting of hell imagery. The demons, I feel like represent modern day people. I will not put in a description, please take time to analyze the image. 



  1. wonderful works thanks for the efforts

  2. Thank you for a very interesting and enlightening post! It's disturbing to see how we strip ourself of our humanity, becoming something less in our "hunt" for more and more flesh to consume. I used to think it's OK for everyone to follow their own conscience, thinking we all basically know right from wrong....But as I see the same conscience disappear, I fear for all of the world's beasts.

    1. Yes. People think about someday. Something tell them. And they found what is important. I love your comment. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous12/29/2013

    Good work! I hope that people change the way you think!
    Viry, Mexico..

  4. Thank your for your work.
    You did a great thing. Save the animals from death like Save civilians from War.
    The equation of these things the awareness from people that is serious problem the animals face.. Imagine the world without Dogs
    How it looks like.... if we understand the benefits of dogs, we will love them. No more pains.. in fact, my religion Islam is against harm animals. The one islamic story says, One man was in the desert. He was very thirsty and he didn't have water. He found (Albir) in Arabic called which means deep hole has water inside it. He went dowm in hole and drank water. When he finished he get out then he found a dog. A dog was also thirsty, after that a man went down again to bring water. He put water in his shoe and gave it to a dog..

    For this acting, the man enter the paradise.

    We must have feeling of animals
    Save them. Treat them. Feed them

    Thank you
    Mohammed Algahaffi

  5. I always had cats and dogs in my family. I always loved them and cared for them with all my heart.
    However, I watched what these monsters do to cats and dogs in China and Corea in order to fill up their stomach. And I strongly believe that those monsters (there is no other explanation of them) do belong in jail behind bars for life time, where they should be kept in abnormal conditions. Prosecution with NO Mercy for Them! I have nothing more to say! Yan, New York January 16th, 2015


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