The organisms are like bacteria living on this earth.

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The Organisms Are Like Bacteria Living On This Earth. 

My life comes from the study of nature. When we were born, we become participate in the circle of life. 

But only humans don't take part in that cycle. Normally, insects, mammals, reptiles, etc., 

eats or get eaten, and they return to the earth when they die, consumed by bacteria. 

Thus the cycle begins again. The only thing humans do is consume these organisms and no more. 

Philosophically, let's say we this earth was a body of a organism. 

We are made of different cells, tissues and bacteria. We are saved by these small organisms and helped us live. 

Like this link between us and cells, earth is the same way. The plants and animals help us live. 

Therefore, the earth is supporting animals and humans alike. The marine animals, land animals, insects and other 

organisms have lived on this earth far longer then we have and supported each other with great care.

 If time were to be measured using meter stick, humans have lived less than 1 millimetre if converted to time. 

Through mutations through our gene pool, during these 100 years, we have overpopulated and destroyed this 

planet in a wink. Animals, without question, have preformed their task of maintaining this earth. 

With our selfish hearts, we try again and again to control this cycle. Do you realise what we are? 

A destructive cancer on this earth, eating away the nutrients like parasites. 

We must build our imagination and see the earth from far away. We're so small to the naked eye. 

All animals, plants and humans alike are only bacteria living on the earth. 

Humans ended up becoming the worst bacteria. I want to collect the good bacteria and fight the bad ones, 

which is why I created this blog.

If we continue to carry out our destructive deeds, then the future of humans will become shortened, 

if it hasn't already begun. We can never live in sync with nature. One biologist quoted, "even if humans suddenly 

were wiped off of this planet, things will not change. It is plus to nature." I think this scientist's theory is correct. 

Although pets will have a hard time living in an barren area without humans, I believe they will quickly adapt. 

Even if we panicked by saying, "we must destroy mankind because our environment is destroyed",

 I don't think we need to panic. Eventually, nature will balance out the population of humans. Therefore, 

it is conclusive that modern humans are not needed in this world. Only in the past when Indians were part of 

nature's cycle. But even at that, it is a very sad thing to say. We must become part of nature and take part in the 

cycle so we can do something to help this earth. An American Indian once said, "when it comes to making 

decision, be sure to think about your outcome 7 generations in the future and what it will result in". 

These days, we are experiencing the aftermath and cleaning up the mess of people who didn't think 7 generations 

aihead. This is the road we must take in order to keep this earth healthy and create a better future.

Humans have evolved marvelously and has achieved the top most species on this planet. 

This is what most people think nowadays. If the rank of species were to be drawn as a triangle, people would think that humans are on the top and plants, mammals, insects, reptiles on the other two corners. 

But even now, we are destroying this ecosystem. Please imagine what would happen next. 

If the bottom two sides were to crumble, then the human races is to follow closely behind. And on top of that, 

we are in the most dangerous position of the triangle. We are like a virus, overpopulating within a body. 

We are creating too many copies of ourselves, enough so that the body cannot hold it anymore, eventually killing 

the host and ourselves. If the virus were to live in symbiosis with the body, the host will not become ill, 

and medicine is not necessary. If we were to continue our greed, the extinction rate will increase, and nature itself 

will turn against us. We were once a good bacteria, but we have mutated into a harmful virus, and evolved into a 

cancer-like organism. Instead of a ranked triangle, we must become a circle and live together. If we increase our 

effort, we can take the right path and correct our mistakes.  

Keiko Olds

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Our Galaxy That We Currently Living Is Like A Cell. The Organisms Are Like Bacteria Living On This Earth. Our Galaxy That We Currently Living Is Like A Cell. 

There Are Many People Whom Question Themselves About How They Got Here, Why Humans Exists And How Did Humans Become Born In This World.
 There Are Many Times When We Have Epiphanies Of Our Own Existence. 
We Wonder How Strange It Is That We Are Controlling This Body. Has Anyone Thought About An Answer To Our Own Existence? 
I Have A Reasonable Answer. Is ... 

The That Existence Of Humans Have No Significance Whatsoever. 
Even If We Exist, We Do Not Have A Purpose. The Humans In This World Is Only Influencing Negative Actions Towards The Earth. Long Ago, Humans And Animals Were One Community On these lands.
 Now, it is totally the opposite in human society. They classify pests as pests, when those pests are essential to the health of the ecosystem. 
The humans reach down towards the earth where no organisms can reach and take what they need for their resources. 
We create things that are not of nature and destroy it continuously. 
The land is something that animals share with other animals and is not the properties of people. 
The idea of reducing the population of one type of animals are planned by humans and does not allow nature to take its course . 
And then create things when humans want to create things.
 Humans bring in things that are most unnatural to the environment and causes it to grow. 
What humans call "money" is being traded for caged animals and Natural Resources.
 They Kill And Trap These Animals To Their Own Will. Humans Even Exchange Money For Hearts.
 Humans Were Once Normal Organisms And A Part Of Nature. But, They Rapidly Became Like Cancer Cells,
 Thus Losing Their Own Purpose Of Existence. Before Earth Falls Apart The, It Is Best That Humans Were Not Here When That Happens. 
To The Audience, I Know That This Was Not The Answer You Were Willing To Hear. 
As Of Now, Humans Need To Convert To A Lifestyle In Which Nature Will Accept Us As Organisms Of Need. An Importance Of Existence To This World. 
Right Now, Humans Are Only Focusing About Their Surrounds And About Their Own "Survival". It Is Important For Them To See Beyond Their Society And Look Far Into The Horizon . 
Let Us Stop Talking About Ourselves And Think About Another Theme.
 Why Am I ...? Instead, Ask Yourself "What Can I Do To Improve This Earth?". 
Think About Your Surroundings, Your Existence, Purpose And How You Contribute To Earth This. 
Then, You Will Become A Part Of This Natural Cycle Of This Earth.
 This The Definition Of Existence And  Symbiosis. 
By / Keiko Olds

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COMENT 2/11/2014 From Gill Groffith
"I have just read your blogspot. Did you really write that? I dont think I've ever read anything so righteous .Wonderful.
I would love to read more!  I hope you publish your work and earn good money because you deserve it!"


  1. Misokeiko is a great writer and has done sensible artistis works. her themes express all the enchant and delicatesse on her drawing that comes from her high sensibility so apropriate on Japanese art. Look and feel all the beautiful and real message this artist wished to pass to all who have a sensible and receptive soul.

    1. Thank you very much wonderful comment. I'm feel very good and shy.(≧∇≦)

  2. i think its better i reply in my motherspeak...its exactlyer.

    Nun um das Leben auf der Erde an sich mache ich mir nicht soo große sorgen...unser Planet hat in den Jahrmillionen schon weit schlimmere Dinge auszustehen gehabt als die Rasse Mensch.
    Es ist mehr die Vielfalt des Lebens und das langfristige überleben der Menschheit selbst das uns allen sorge bereiten sollte.
    Wenn wir es ersteinmal geschafft haben die natürlichen kreisläufe auf unserem planeten soweit zu zerstören das alles in sich zusammenfällt und es sich nicht mehr in der form regenerieren kann sind wir als rasse mensch die ersten die das nicht überleben werden.
    denn trotz unserer hohen intelligenz und unserem hohen technischen fortschritt ist es gerade das was unsere evolutionäre anpassungsfähigkeit zunichte macht.
    mit dem ende des hochtechnologiezeitalters wird auch ein großer teil der menschheit aussterben...ein kleiner teil kann sich anpassen und wieder in sein natürliche habitat einfügen.

    es wird höchste zeit das wir anfangen uns wieder einfügen und wieder lernen mit und nicht gegen die Natur zu leben sonnst werden wir irgendwann dazu gezwungen sein...mit verheerenden konsequenzen für die menschheit.

    Misokeiko...it is a good blog...i hope i hear more from you.
    Greetings from good old Germany

    David Schlösser ( tweet me @MdgFuror or visit G+ )

  3. Anonymous9/25/2013

    I love your blog truly inspirational

  4. Hello. I hope fix post.

  5. We have not evolved enough to protect Mother Earth's Creatures - your message is filled with compassion we need to spread your word. I think people can learn from your wisdom.

  6. Anonymous5/25/2014

    So beautifully written!

  7. Thanks my friend
    greetings from Florianopolis

  8. truly, you are inspirational!

  9. Amazingly powerful. Content echoes some of my thoughts that I foolishly thought were original. I wish more people would see our species for what it is.

  10. Hi,it's a beautiful site,love reading it.

  11. Misokeiko you hava a most beautiful and caring soul for dedicating your knowledge, time and amazing creativity( drawings) towards our beloved animals, spreading and inspiring others to do something towards our mother nature. I have read previous 2 topics and this, all of them posesses tremendous depth detailing and research. Your painting speaks out their stories which touches many hearts including my. I wish you a very good luck for your future blogs. :) Namita Chavan aka Supriya.

    1. Thank you. I'm very happy you understand this. Love(⌒▽⌒)


  13. Warwick Neal9/28/2014

    You have successfully described in beautiful language the arrogance, ignorance and cruelty of human actions relative to our home planet and all the wonders of nature upon it. The viral analogy is a powerful one indeed.

  14. Beautiful work! I'm very impressed...


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