January 28, 2014


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       To Sally Inweder "Sea of Gaza" Art: Keiko Olds 
"Gaza is beautiful place facing many challenges. But we are human and make mistake too."
By Sally Inweder from GAZA.  I got a comment Janualy 2014 from Sally.
            Visit SALLY IDWEDER's Blog "A LIFE IN GAZA"

Beautiful GAZA : Photographing by Sally Idweder

iFalasteen: This is the Gaza we love,...

Feb. 17. 2016
R.I.P. This angel died today because she was not allowed by Israel to leave Gaza for treatment. #freepalestina

                                             GAZA ZOO ANIMAL

July 16, 2014

Here is Israel's ground invasion targeting Hamas. Innocent children killed over & over again. #GazaUnderAttack  #PrayForGaza

◎Israel-Pal​estine: This is how it ends 


They should open up to the world and welcome others into their homeland, signifying cooperation and end of the war. Someday, like the picture above, livestock and humans will become one and live together as a family. For the people of Gaza and their freedom, please sign these petitions. It is best  for these people for us to quickly take action and give them peace and happiness. 

One last thing, I'm sorry for the lack of knowledge about the war occurring in Gaza. Thank you my friend Sally.

Petition 嘆願書, Andragende, Petitie, Framställning, Pétition, Αναφορά, Petición, याचिका, Kérelem, Petisi, Achainí, Petizione, माग्दै, Петиција, Petycja, Ходатайство, Maombi, คำร้อง, Dilekçe, Клопотання, Kiến nghị, দরখাস্ত, 청원t

Israel-Palestine: This is how it ends

Israel-Palestine: This is how it ends
Action: Stop Arming Israel
Protect Lawyers Fighting for Prisoner Rights in Palestine
Send To: Israeli Government and World Leaders

Petition: Gaza - Ceasefire Now!
Petition: End the blockade of Gaza now!
Demand that Israel immediately stops its bloody campaign in Gaza
Act Now to End the War on Gaza
1,808 Letters and Emails Sent So Far
Take Action:Stop the War Machine. A Petition for Peace Petition2congress http://www.petition2congress.com/5984/stop-war-machine-petition-peace/
Don't wait for the bombs to drop! Sign the petition to prevent war with Iran here: http://bit.ly/yDlbjn http://org.salsalabs.com/o/161/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=9208

By ThisIsGaZa: New: Alqassam shows rifles they grabbed from inside an israeli Jeep they ambushed, killing many

iFalasteen: The Palestine resistance evaluation...↓
An Israeli mobile cannon, seen after it was transported to an area just outside the Gaza Strip. (Amir Cohen / Courtesy Reuters)

♦︎How to End the War in Gaza
What an Egypt-Brokered Cease-Fire Should Look Like

♦︎Israel's Gamble in Gaza  The Perils of Operation Pillar of Defense

♦︎VIDEO Owen Jones: What really happened in Gaza - Stop the War Coalition: http://stopwar.org.uk/owen-jones-what-really-happened-in-gaza#.UucfGdF_b7M.twitter
♦︎Part of Archive Test CollectionLetter From Gaza: Hamas the Opportunist. Hamas’s Tunnel Diplomacy http://www.foreignaffairs.com/features/letters-from/letter-from-gaza-hamas-the-opportunist

iFalasteen: A demonstration for Gaza in London...
People untitled will never get drafted.

Aug 3
iFalasteen: Israel killed more than 400 children in the past 28 days in Gaza Strip...
Stop Israeli crimes..

iFalasteen: A Palestinian girl sits and eats in the rubble of her destroyed home in Gaza City..

iFalasteen: Israel is killing by the family more than 27 families are all gone after Israel bombed them in their homes in Gaza... 

iFalasteen: They are look for their family members between the dead... 

July 30
Jul 30, 2014 | Dramatic Video of Gaza Market Attack 

iFalasteen: This is a look on Syria!! A mosque seen from the distance from a shattered home glass... 
ThisIsGaZa: so far isreal intentionally slaughtered more than 324 kids and injured hundreds! 

ThisIsGaZa: She was at a UN school. She thought she was safe. UNRWA betrayed her. 
#GazaUnderAttack #PrayForGaza

By iFalasteen: Protests for Palestine across the world...

By iFalasteen: Palestinians are sleeping in UN schools after fleeing from all the Israeli strikes in north Gaza...
By iFalasteen: This is what israeli media shows of the current battlefronts between Israeils and Gaza Resistance

70 kids have died anise the Israeli attack started on Gaza

GAZA↓ This pictures is just one day

iFalasteen: Family members of the 4 martyr kids earlier today in Gaza....

iFalasteen: Pray for the resistance on the borders of Gaza protecting their family's and Gaza from Israeli attacks...

iFalasteen: AlQassam behind enemy lines... The real men of Palestine...

iFalasteen: Don't you worry mom... I will be back bringing victory with me..

iFalasteen: Pray for the resistance protecting Gaza ...
iFalasteen: More bobs falling on Gaza...

Gaza getting bombed tonight(July 17.2014 US)and cheer every time innocent people die...↓

iFalasteen: Live photo where resistance clashes with Israeli forces on the border... 

iFalasteen: The illegal poisonous gas that is being used on Gaza tonight... 

iFalasteen: Gaza skyline getting bombed from everywhere... 

iFalasteen: The innocent children of Gaza...

Israel attack GAZA  This is Beautiful Art↓
iFalasteen: Art is life. And the talent for life is art, and resistance. Palestinians turn bombs into art...

  •                                 Population: 1.657 million (Jul 2011)
                                        Area: 139 sq miles (360 km²)
                         Gross domestic product: 6.641 billion USD (2008)



  •                          Gaza Strip  قطاع غزة    Eid ul-Adha عيد الأضحى 

                                          STOP WAR!!


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