February 11, 2014


The organisms are like bacteria living on this earth.

My life comes from the study of nature. When we were born, we become participate in the circle of life. But only humans don't take part in that cycle. Normally, insects, mammals, reptiles, etc., eats or get eaten, and they return to the earth when they die, consumed by bacteria. Thus the cycle begins again. The only thing humans do is consume these organisms and no more. 

Philosophically, let's say we this earth was a body of a organism. We are made of different cells, tissues and bacteria. We are saved by these small organisms and helped us live. Like this link between us and cells, earth is the same way. The plants and animals help us live. Therefore, the earth is supporting animals and humans alike. The marine animals, land animals, insects and other organisms have lived on this earth far longer then we have and supported each other with great care. If time were to be measured using meter stick, humans have lived less than 1 millimetre if converted to time. Through mutations through our gene pool, during these 100 years, we have overpopulated and destroyed this planet in a wink. Animals, without question, have preformed their task of maintaining this earth. With our selfish hearts, we try again and again to control this cycle. Do you realise what we are? A destructive cancer on this earth, eating away the nutrients like parasites. 

We must build our imagination and see the earth from far away. We're so small to the naked eye. All animals, plants and humans alike are only bacteria living on the earth. Humans ended up becoming the worst bacteria. I want to collect the good bacteria and fight the bad ones, which is why I created this blog.

If we continue to carry out our destructive deeds, then the future of humans will become shortened, if it hasn't already begun. We can never live in sync with nature. One biologist quoted, "even if humans suddenly were wiped off of this planet, things will not change. It is plus to nature." I think this scientist's theory is correct. Although pets will have a hard time living in an barren area without humans, I believe they will quickly adapt. Even if we panicked by saying, "we must destroy mankind because our environment is destroyed", I don't think we need to panic. Eventually, nature will balance out the population of humans. Therefore, it is conclusive that modern humans are not needed in this world. Only in the past when Indians were part of nature's cycle. But even at that, it is a very sad thing to say. We must become part of nature and take part in the cycle so we can do something to help this earth. An American Indian once said, "when it comes to making decision, be sure to think about your outcome 7 generations in the future and what it will result in". These days, we are experiencing the aftermath and cleaning up the mess of people who didn't think 7 generations aihead. This is the road we must take in order to keep this earth healthy and create a better future.

Humans have evolved marvelously and has achieved the top most species on this planet. This is what most people think nowadays. If the rank of species were to be drawn as a triangle, people would think that humans are on the top and plants, mammals, insects, reptiles on the other two corners. But even now, we are destroying this ecosystem. Please imagine what would happen next. If the bottom two sides were to crumble, then the human races is to follow closely behind. And on top of that, we are in the most dangerous position of the triangle. We are like a virus, overpopulating within a body. We are creating too many copies of ourselves, enough so that the body cannot hold it anymore, eventually killing the host and ourselves. If the virus were to live in symbiosis with the body, the host will not become ill, and medicine is not necessary. If we were to continue our greed, the extinction rate will increase, and nature itself will turn against us. We were once a good bacteria, but we have mutated into a harmful virus, and evolved into a cancer-like organism. Instead of a ranked triangle, we must become a circle and live together. If we increase our effort, we can take the right path and correct our mistakes.
~Keiko Olds~

Our Galaxy That We Currently Living Is Like A Cell. 
I have once said that we are bacteria living on this earth. We must think about why the earth exists in the first place. 
I think that our whole galaxy is part of a larger organism. If I even mentioned this idea to earlier age people, I would be most likely be in jail or even sentenced to death. The issue of religion could become a factor to the punishment. 
I think that our galaxy is like an atom. Our earth is a part of the atom as a electron. The plants, animals, biotic and abiotic features of our planet is made from small atoms. Like creating a change in DNA code, we could arrange the same way to atoms if formed correctly. Other small atoms may contain a form of life on the electrons. Then, those forms of life's whom are made of atoms, more life is growing on those electrons. And on THOSE atoms, the electrons will contain life, those forms of life in that atoms on the electrons will contain MORE atoms........This cycle can become infinite. This process of thinking may make you dizzy, so we will stop it there.

At the moment, let's stick to the topic of our galaxy. This universe contains many galaxies. When combines into one mass, they become one cell. The space between two galaxies is just space. Outside of this one universe is an infinite number of universes which means there are an infinite amount of cells that make up an organism. It may not be humanoid, we may be part of a cell of a animal or plant. 

Since many universes are possibly made into one cell, the area between each "cell" has a connection with each other are perhaps black holes.  As black holes connect to different universes, many people think of the Parallel World. Perhaps the combined universes creating vast cells are combined to make a huge organism, which live in an another world. This becomes infinite. I shall stop right there to avoid confusion.

Why is the universe expanding? That's because we're part of an organism. The huge organism that we make up outside sees us as quick-moving organisms while we look at that huge organism and sees them as a slow moving animal.  To those large organisms, our millions of years of history is just one second to them. If this is true, then why are we wasting time bickering among ourselves and worrying about small things? Our lives are just a small fraction of the universe's time. 

Within that small fraction of time, we try to plan out our lifestyle, except for animals, who know what they do during they're short lifetime. 

This is my crazy imagination and is fiction. I am no scientist, Mathematician or astronomer. I can therefore think up the most wildest things.

One more thing I must say, we are in a generation where we are reliant to computers. We search on the Internet for the answers to questions. And then the answer comes quickly, which quenches our question. Have people forgotten how to think? We don't attempt to find new things, and things with answers are not surprising to us. This universe is full of things undiscovered. We must be able to analyze things before discovering new things and exercise  our imagination. Since our future is full of discoveries, we cannot use the Internet to find the answer. 
~Keiko Olds~


There are many people whom question themselves about how they got here, why humans exists and how did humans become born in this world. There are many times when we have epiphanies of our own existence. We wonder how strange it is that we are controlling this body.

Has anyone thought about an answer to our own existence?

I have a reasonable answer.

That is...the existence of humans have no significance whatsoever. Even if we exist, we do not have a purpose.
The humans in this world is only influencing negative actions towards the earth. Long ago, humans and animals were one community on these lands. Now, it is totally the opposite in human society. They classify pests as pests, when those pests are essential to the health of the ecosystem. The humans reach down towards the earth where no organisms can reach and take what they need for their resources. We create things that are not of nature and destroy it continuously. The land is something that animals share with other animals and is not the properties of people. The idea of reducing the population of one type of animals are planned by humans and does not allow nature to take its course. And then create things when humans want to create things. Humans bring in things that are most unnatural to the environment and causes it to grow. What humans call "money" is being traded for caged animals and natural resources. They kill and trap these animals to their own will. Humans even exchange money for hearts.

Humans were once normal organisms and a part of nature. But, they rapidly became like cancer cells, thus losing their own purpose of existence. Before the earth falls apart, it is best that humans were not here when that happens.
To the audience, I know that this wasn't the answer you were willing to hear.
As of now, humans need to convert to a lifestyle in which nature will accept us as organisms of need. An importance of existence to this world.
Right now, humans are only focusing about their surrounds and about their own "survival". It is important for them to see beyond their society and look far into the horizon.
Let us stop talking about ourselves and think about another theme.
Why am I...? Instead, ask yourself "What can I do to improve this earth?". Think about your surroundings, your existence, purpose and how you contribute to this earth.
Then, you will become a part of this natural cycle of this earth. This the definition of existence and 
by/Keiko Olds


I personally like mysteries and horror programs. This may be known to American people, but I love Grimm, Bones and Criminal Mind. Criminal Mind is a program about psychological murders. The FBI slowly finds these culprits by solving different puzzles. Bones is a program about finding decomposed bodies and solving puzzles from those bodies. Grimm is a program about people turning into fairytale animals and having different related fantasy stories. We can watch these programs because we know this isn't a reality television. During the  gruesome moments of the show, we find these actions wrongful and against our comfort zone. Watching all of these programs creates the question to yourself: "What would happen if I was in this situation?". When a crime is committed, we don't fear the dead victim, but we find the most fearful element in the show is the criminal's motivation to kill. 

But, when it comes to seeing animals getting killed, less people are fearful of this motivation simply because it is not a human victim. We can easily do what is wrong to do against humans towards animals. If a person was suffering in front of you, you cannot simply ignore this person. If someone were to see a animal suffering or even a little bird, people will simply brush the image from their mind and created excuses. Even if we understand human feeling almost completely, we quickly interpret animal "language" and what they MIGHT be thinking. Then conclude that they are thinking that way. 

The animals that are being killed for our own profit and cash in our pockets are the most misunderstood animals of all. We do not take the time to analyze their feelings. 
In the top industry of meat in the world, they sometimes will kill these animals in a painless way. But the most painful thing of all is the life between their birth and death. 
But in the countries in development, it is like watching the worst of the worst crime television. With blood, gore and even more pain. 
From life to death, this is the most fearful time for the animals. There isn't a moment to spare to enjoy their own life. 
The moment they are born, they are robbed of their freedom by putting them in cages. They are beaten slowly to their deaths. 
If you were doing this method to a human, it is the most bloodiest thing mankind can ever see. 
But why do humans allow this painful experience on INNOCENT ANIMALS?
This uneasy pity for animals disappears and replaces it with the lust for meat and money at the same time. 
The reason why people cannot apply this cruel method to humans is because some think humans are on the top of the intelligence pyramid. People think that animals are "dumb" or "unintelligent" and that we are smart as a "high-class" mammal. 
Those animals that are processed for edible meat are very obedient and only struggles when it comes to meet their own deaths. They should fight the humans by biting, kicking, etc. 
These animals lives on, hoping that us humans will pardon them from these horrible crimes by obediently "sacrificing" themselves for their own freedom. 
The culprit is let into the world without the fear of being punished. Please sign the petitions below and free these animals from human cruelty. Help the world see through their eyes and their pain they experience when they become face to face with a cruel death. 
~Keiko Olds~


The number one thing people need to know about is moral. This is something that everyone would probably know, but there are parts of a moral that we don't know about. There are parts of the moral that is suppressed by police and community. Such as not walking out naked. It may seem embarrassing , but if this was allowed.... In America, there is a day called pajama day. It is a day where schools allow children to wear pajamas, but if someone were to walk out the door with pajamas, it would probably be strange.

What about this? You cannot murder someone. What would happen if you were given a day that you are allowed to kill a couple of people? Then your inner moral will probably shatter and kill the person you most dislike. It is also true that some of us need to eat meat and kill animals to live, as well as money. I would accept this in the primitive past, but I wonder why I think different now? There is only one answer. We are processed by our moral, and we have Lost our mercy to our decisions. We have lost our thankfulness and pity for the animals we kill to eat. Humans are like unfeeling robots and mindlessly kill to ship to markets. They kill in great amounts in order for it to become cheaper. That is why factory farms and fur business has increased, and therefore the people who killed those animals have lost their heart of pity to the animals. The humans don't try to protect law, but they must follow their true path in which they think is right as an individual. But since humans have a weak heart, they tend to take the road in which other people take. The more they kill, the more mindless and unfeeling they will become.

For instance, countries kill a large amount of whales in order to "study them". The IWC promised that the whales that are killed for the studies will not be wasted. And so, they sell the meat to the locals, and use the money they made into the next study. Or so they claim. But are they really killing whales to research and study them? Perhaps they are lying about the fact that they are killing them for study, and eating them instead. 
In Japan, there is a certain day each month on the 9th that allows everyone to eat whale meat. Why does that day exist? They claim that it is a day to "taste the delicious meat of a whale", which also meats profit. The whale scientists study how the whales become extinct and their growth. They also claim that they are studying to prove that the whales are plentiful and that it is okay to catch as many whales as they need. 

Because people eat whale meat, the study of whales will not end. There is no part of a moral. Even though people know they are fabulous animals, the love for them is significantly 2nd in ones feelings. Like a long lasting habit, such as heavy smoking, alcohol addiction or sweet candies, people can always muster up a reason for not quitting. There are many other foods then whale meat. Compared to meat, whale meat is sold cheaper then beef. But there are countries that quit the "study" of whales. Those countries were receiving pet jerky made mostly of whale meat. It is terrible to think that whales are being killed just for pet treats. Outraged when they found out where their whale meat was going to, they refused to kill the whales.

There are never two sides of animals meant to be eaten and animals meant to be kept alive. This is because people have a hard time setting these two boundaries. And therefore, they cannot argue a reason to save animals without the reason of their endangerment. Without the idea of the amount of animals, is there a way to protect these animals altogether? The people who wants to eat the meat and those who want to protect the animals, there needs to be more moral and laws that gives a fair agreement to each other. 

To have a human eat another human, is against our own moral and mankind. Those people who have lost their faith and love for the animals, must tell their children how to care about the animals in the future. There are many parents who prevent their children from watching terrible things, but I think it's right for them to see different things. But, instead of letting them eat hamburgers and chicken every single day, they should know that what they are eating was alive before. I'd like the parents to also let their children to watch the terrible videos of animal abuse. It is not good to see lines of meat in the food store as ordinary products like potato chips or grains. It is important to bury dead birds, insects, etc with your child. Those small things can grow within your child's heart to have the ability to have moral towards the animal.  
~Keiko Olds~


The organisms that live on the surface of this planet, they break down waste and keep the ecosystem in check. That is because this earth itself is an organism and they are needed. In order for this earth to maintain it's healthy environment, we must act like the good bacteria that live in symbiosis in a animal's body. The other mammals, insects and plants live without question of why they are living. Just like blood, muscles and cells works like the clouds, wind, tech tonic plates, magma, of this planet. Because of this, the earth was able to live for a long time. So therefore, we cannot create a filthy environment for the oceans, rivers, the air and the land.

The world's organisms were SUPPOSE to live in symbiosis to each other. Before humans have gained wisdom, they have lived together with the organisms with the earth. 
More then 1.6 million years ago, the early humans have left their forest habitat and headed more to the prairies to explore and find food.  Their body temperature had risen, and as a result, only left their head hair to protect from overheating their brain. They lost their claws, canine teeth and their ability to run fast. They abandoned those abilities to improve their brains. Their wisdom had come from their communication to their other species, and therefore created a weapon for survival. They also build their wisdom by being able to craft weapons and kill animals for food. Instead of gathering food, they created farms. They had learned to have wars with long spears and drums. Soon, they grew the wisdom to abandon trade and preferred money. Other things we have grown wisdom on are building fires, making machines, creating large cities, factories, transportation, war, etc,. Human wisdom is now used to obtain what we want and destroying others as we use that wisdom. Other animals try to be fair with their own lives, but live in symbiosis with the earth and help it survive. But humans have created too many odd things. But, since we create things from this earth, it is not an odd thing. Though humans take those odd things and destroy the environment by how we use them. The reason why oils, gases and gasolines are buried so deep in the ground is maybe because the earth may require those resources. We do not have enough wisdom to see the future. 

In ancient times, the oil can rise up to the surface of the earth. They used it for medicine and "burning water", but the people during those times were not used to burn a tremendous amount. Some have dug far down to retrieve some of that oil, but they did not use it to the point of emptiness. The oil that we use to create plastic, it is now in our rivers, sewers and oceans as waste and garbage. There are many animals that do not know the dangers of plastic and eat them as food. Even if it destroys the environment, we dig for oil, create plastic, cut down trees, create chemicals, all for profit. There will be a time where this earth will die, and along with all the organisms that live on it. We are part of this earth, and we cannot become a cancer cell. Sadly, the cancer that we have created is still spreading upon this earth. Perhaps we can restore this "disease" that we have created. If we can do something that is right and help cure this earth.
~Keiko Olds~


There are few countries that classify dogs as a meat source. Most of the other countries treat dogs as pets. As well as partners, family, friend and companions. Those people wouldn't imagine eating dogs. But if there were a lot of stray dogs all around them, what would they think? Those people may call the Animal control centers. 

If a captured dog in the shelters is lucky, they will find a new owner. If they are unlucky and cannot find an owner that chooses them, they will for sure be killed. Then I think, who killed this dog? The person who called animal control or the person who abandoned the dog? Or is it the previous owner whom did not give birth control to the dog? Or is it the dog's breeder? 
It is okay to adopt the dog, but it often times end up in animal abuse. Humans put their anger towards the dog to enjoy the thrill or ease their mental illness. 

In Romania, there are many stray dogs on the  streets. They are treated like trash and garbage. The dogs are experiencing abuse like hell and pain. How crazy can humans become? More and more, the darker side of humans is unraveling. Since there are many stray dogs, they had slowly become a nuisance, and nobody finds them loving. Within our hearts do we treat them as pests. If it's the owner's fault, nothing changes to the rate of abuse when they find another owner. There are always owners that do not treat them fairly such as not feeding them, walking them outside, and keeping them chained. This is where abuse starts.

Dogs have branched out from the wolf and coyote family over 7 million years ago. In Europe, there are old bones of dogs dating 150-300 thousand years ago in people's houses. Since they are nearby homes, it is possible that dogs were becoming domestic by feeding them and caring for them. This means that humans and dogs have lived long together in symbiosis. During the first time when dogs were closely domesticated, they were not considered as pets, but an animal to animal relationship. Humans and dogs become closer as the two developed, the bond between these two mammals become closer, and soon they lived under the same roof. This probably caused naturally. As a result, they become trustworthy of each other. This type of bond is still going on today, and there are more people whom take in dogs as part of the family. But, in areas where there is no food, this does not apply. Before, this may have been a natural thing that stray dogs do not have food, but isn't is reasonable to say that we shouldn't treat dogs this way now in our modern society? My point of view may tilt more to one side then another, but instead of abusing them, I want to treat dogs as a family member.
Those dogs whom are abused by people whom enrage toward their pets are extremely saddening to  experience. The method that they use to kill the dogs in order to use their meat for food is also inhumane. Those people in foreign areas whom work as a living to peel of hides of a conscious dog have no touch of pity or sadness within their hearts. Those people are motivated by the thought of paper in their own pockets. They almost seem like demons from hell. There are dogs breed to be in the arena for the Pit Bull fights and beagles that are sold and used as lab animals. This is an inhumane way to treat animals, and it is necessary to devote our efforts and love into these animals.

It is important to know these types of abuses and that is necessary to apply happiness, as well as to save them. Those people whom does not shed blood or tears must be stopped. Below are petitions that I have gathered. It is important to sign as many as possible. And to spread the news to your friends.
〜Keiko Olds〜
More coming 

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