December 8, 2014

Ban Animal Testing

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       Victory! New Zealand Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetic. April 2015

              〜Wath Animal Testing in 60 Seconds Flat 

            A new BUAV investigation has uncovered the shocking killing of puppies,                  kittensand other baby animals BORN TO DIE in a UK laboratory.       


A BUAV investigation has uncovered the shocking use of very young animals, including puppies and kittens by MSD Animal Health in the UK in experiments for animal vaccines. The animals were killed and their bodies cut up for examination.

During our 8 month investigation, 92 beagle puppies, 10 adult nursing female beagles, at least 15 kittens and an unknown number of rabbits, calves and chickens were killed by MSD Animal Health in one UK laboratory. 

Some of the animals, including rabbits, calves and kittens, were allowed to suffer the full extent of the symptoms of serious and even deadly diseases. A number of rabbits had to be killed due to the severity of their suffering. Kittens were used in experiments that caused them to suffer weight loss, high temperatures and ulcers. Then at less than 6 months old, the kittens were killed, their bodies dissected and dumped in a bin as waste.

Pregnant beagles were delivered to the laboratory. After giving birth, they were allowed to remain with their puppies for just a few weeks. Most had their puppies cruelly taken away to be used in tests when they were only around 5 weeks old.  Once their puppies had been removed, the nursing mothers were killed, sometimes within minutes. These trusting dogs were seen as nothing more than breeding machines to provide puppies to be used in experiments. The company had no system for finding homes for them; most were simply discarded. Some of the puppies could also have been released but shockingly this rarely happened because it was easier for the laboratory to kill them.

Many of the puppies were used in tests and then killed; some at just 6 weeks of age. Restrained and given a lethal injection, their small bodies cut open and bits of organs sliced up and taken away for analysis.

Please help the BUAV end the appalling killing of puppies, kittens and other animals BORN TO DIE in UK laboratories.

During our 8 month investigation, 92 beagle puppies, 10 adult nursing female beagles, at least 15 kittens and an unknown number of rabbits, calves and chickens were killed at the facility including:

           ■13th June     2013 - 3 nursing female beagles killed
           ■27th June     2013 - 2 beagle puppies killed
           ■1st  July     2013 - 2 beagle puppies killed
           ■5th  July     2013 - 8 beagle puppies killed
           ■5th  July     2013 - 120 chickens killed
           ■22nd August   2013 - 15 kittens killed
           ■4th  October  2013 - 2 beagle puppies killed
           ■7th  October  2013 - 2 beagle puppies killed
           ■8th  October  2013 - 60 chickens killed
           ■10th October  2013 - 2 beagle puppies killed
           ■15th October  2013 - 3 beagle puppies killed
           ■17th October  2013 - 2 beagle puppies killed
           ■23rd October  2013 - 2 nursing female beagles killed
           ■29th October  2013 - 4 nursing female beagles killed
           ■25th November 2013 - 2 beagle puppies killed
           ■28th November 2013 - 13 beagle puppies killed
           ■2nd  December 2013 - 1 nursing female beagle and her 4 puppies killed 
           ■9th  December 2013 - 18 rabbits killed 
           ■30th January  2014 - 27 beagle puppies killed  

                                          Animal Test some fact

                              ↓Photo from BUAV


Over 1,000 lab animals die in scorching conditions after ventilation system fails

MORE than 1,000 laboratory animals at a secret scientific testing facility died in baking temperatures when the building's ventilation system failed, a shocking Government report has revealed. 

       Published:  Mon, December 8, 2014.  Read more ↓ at End

★Stop Animal Testing - L'Oreal 



★Stop Nicotine Experiments on Animals

Support Legislation to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals - The Humane Society of the United Stats   

Tell Air France to Stop Shipping Monkeys to Lab 

Stop Animal Testing - L'Oreal 

Philip Morris: Stop cruel animal testing for tobacco products 

★Sign our BeCrueltyFree pledge for a global end to animaltesting for cosmetics!

★Immediate action needed to end the use of animals in experiments!

★Petition to oppose plans to build a monkey breeding facility in Florida

★David Cameron - Conservative Government: Ban Vivisection 

End animal testing in the United States

★Save primates from experimentation

★Kose: Please stop testing on animals! 

HM Government UK: Abolish the breeding for & use of Beagles for animal experimentation in the UK

The Hon Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Health: End animal testing for cosmetics in Australia by December 2015

Stop Animal Experiments at The University of Plymouth  

Congress: Stop the potential for the U.S. to require animal testing that would occur if the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013 (SCPCPA) is passed.

★Australians for Cruelty-free Cosmetics 

★University of Wisconsin: Stop Experimenting On Cats 

His Excellency Le Luong Minh, Secretary-General of ASEAN: End animal testing for cosmetics in ASEAN by December 2015 

University of Wisconsin: Cancel The Unethical Torture and Killing of Baby Monkeys!

The Hon Nathan Guy MP, Minister for Primary Industries: End animal testing for cosmetics in New Zealand by December 2015 

Dr Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi, Minister of Health: End animal testing for cosmetics in South Africa by December 2015 

★British Government: Abolish Animal Experiments! 


★Lynne Featherstone MP: Please ensure dogs and cats who are "no longer required" are released by laboratories 

★The Honorable Rona Ambrose, P.C., M.P., Minister of Health (Ministre de la Santé): End animal testing for cosmetics in Canada by December 2015, Suppression des expérimentations animales dans l'industrie cosmétique en décembre 2015 

 ★★Up date petition↓
★★Please visit here then sign and share.Ban Animal testing + many Petition 

★★To stop testing on animals in EU countrys. 

★★SIGN THE PETITION and Help Stop Animal Testing

★★Protest Against Animal Testing Petition 

★★Tell Avon to Stop Testing on Animals 

★★Stop Animal Testing! Petition 

★★Support Cruelty-Free Cosmetics - The Humane Society of the United States

★★Stop Animal Testing!

★★Sign Up Now: Help Convince Congress to Reform Chemical Testing

★★Ask University of Mississippi Medical Center to Stop the Use of Live Animals! 

★★Ask WUSTLmedschool to immediately replace the use of live cats in its pediatrics residency program.

★★Help stop universitelaval's deadly pig lab.

★★Congress: Pass the Humane Cosmetics Act! 

★★Be Cruelty-Free Global 

★★Sign the Pledge to Be Cruelty-Free!

★★Stop REACH! No animal testing for a failed chemicals policy Petition 

★★Ask your regional chemical laboratory to stop testing on animals! 

★★Ban All Animal Testing Cosmetics in US

★★Help ban cruel cosmetics testing on animals!


★★Stop Animal Testing In The UK.

★★Stop animal testing for cosmetics worldwide. 
If it can happen in the EU, why not everywhere?


★★EU, when do you think it is time to act?

                     Who is Animal Testing?

          Animal testing at Wickham Labs in Hampshire

                           Company use that Animal Test 

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                     ◎Welcome to Hogwash Bath & Body◎
 We offer a variety of beautifully hand crafted bath and body products. Our company was created out of a desire to promote health, life and peace of mind. Everything we sell is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and made from all natural ingredients.
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♥︎+Alternatives to Animal Testing+♥︎


Scientists warn of funding cuts threat to animal test alternatives
Cuts to medical funding bodies threaten research aiming to reduce number of animals used in experiments, 
scientists say
Influenza, multiple sclerosis, drug addiction and cancer cell biology research could benefit from animal testing alternatives. Photograph: Matthias Kulka/Corbis  

             ◎◎Microchips lined by human cells that could revolutionize drug testing and development◎◎


The paradigm used by pharmaceutical companies to discover and develop new drugs is broken. Clinical studies take years to complete and testing a single compound can cost more than $2 million. Meanwhile, innumerable animal lives are lost, and the process often fails to predict human responses because traditional animal models do not accurately mimic human physiology. For these reasons, the pharmaceutical industry needs alternative ways to screen drug candidates in the laboratory.

The Wyss Solution

Institute researchers and a multidisciplinary team of collaborators are engineering microchips that recapitulate the microarchitecture and functions of living organs, such as the lung, heart, and intestine. These microchips, called organs-on-chips, could one day form an accurate alternative to traditional animal testing. Each individual organ-on-chip is composed of a clear flexible polymer about the size of a computer memory stick that contains hollow microfluidic channels lined by living human cells. Because the microdevices are translucent, they provide a window into the inner workings of human organs.

The Wyss Institute team seeks to build ten different human organs-on-chips and link them together on an automated instrument to mimic whole-body physiology. The instrument will control fluid flow and cell viability while permitting real-time observation of the cultured tissues and analysis of complex biochemical functions. This instrumented "human-on-a-chip" will be used to rapidly assess responses to new drug candidates, providing critical information on their safety and efficacy.


  There are two main types of animal testing alternatives: in vitro and in silico.



Click here⇒Alternatives to Animal Testing Questions and Answers about ICCVAM


                                  Organs on Chips -- Wyss Institute

                                                   Click here↓

           Human-Patient Simulators  Strategic Operations Surgical Cut Suit Demo


  • Strikingly life-like computerized human-patient simulators that breathe, bleed, convulse, talk, and even “die” have been shown to teach students physiology and pharmacology better than crude exercises that involve cutting up animals. The most high-tech simulators mimic illnesses and injuries and give the appropriate biological response to medical interventions and injections of medications. Ninety-seven percent of medical schools across the U.S. have completely replaced the use of animal laboratories in medical training with simulators like this, as well as virtual-reality systems, computer simulators, and supervised clinical experience.
  • For more advanced medical training, systems like TraumaMan—which replicates a breathing, bleeding human torso and has realistic layers of skin and tissue, ribs, and internal organs—are widely used to teach emergency surgical procedures and have been shown in numerous studies to impart lifesaving skills better than courses that require students to cut into live pigs, goats, or dogs.
  • Read more⇒


                                    Cruelty Free International: Give Freedom. Buy Freedom. Share Freedom.

            Fighting Animal Testing: Lush and REACH

           Artist Gets Tortured Like an Animal to Raise Awareness for Animal Cosmetics Testing

                         Is this the most extreme window display ever? Brutal treatment of woman, 24, 

                                   as she is subjected to 'animal tests' in front of horrified shoppers


                                                     Sir Paul McCartney
    I am supporting Cruelty Free International with its campaign to seek a global ban to ensure that animals do not suffer for the sake of  beauty anywhere in the world. - See more at:


                                        Graphic Dog Animal Testing Picture

    In this animal testing picture this dog’s leg has been shattered by repeated blows from a hammer. This experiment was performed in order to induce a state of psychological stress. The wound was left undressed. No anaesthetic was given during the course of this cruel barbaric experiment. For information on research animal testing facts, statistics and animal experimentation laws please visit


    Pictured are rats shoved face-first into tubes no larger than their bodies (one is upside down) being forced to breathe chemicals. The animals are kept here for four to six hours, daily, for up to three months.


        Cats Tormented and Killed in University Lab

                           Cats Tormented and Killed at University of Wisconsin-Madison

         Kittens' skulls cracked open and electrodes inserted into their brains in 
    Horrifying: Kittens had their skulls cracked open before electrodes were inserted into their brain. This picture was taken during a similar procedure at the University of Wisconsin.


    Brutal: Scientists put the kittens under anaesthetic but when the procedures were finished, most of the cats were given fatal overdoses. Animal charity PETA captured these images at Wisconsin University last year.


    Experiments: Procedures where skulls were cracked opened and electrodes inserted were carried out to test the 'feedback mechanisms' between the eyes and the brain. This animal was part of an experiment at the University of Wisconsin


    Controversial: Ten of the country's most prestigious universities were said to be involved in the procedures similar to that performed at the University of Wisconsin (pictured). Many of the cats were held down like this during the brutal experiments.


    Helpless: One cat, with a screw in its skull, pokes its head out of a blanket during an experiment at the University of Wisconsin.

    Kittens have been paralysed, had their skulls broken and had ­electrodes stuck onto their brains, ribs and spine as part of a series of shocking experiments at 10 of the country's most prestigious universities.
    The cruel procedures on the helpless subjects have been performed so scientists can improve their understanding of the human body.
    Some of the animals were raised in complete darkness while others had one of their eyes stitched closed so scientists could analyse problems surrounding 'lazy eye'.
    Others had their lungs deliberately collapsed during the brutal procedures and many were injected with paralysing drugs to stop them moving or breathing.
    Scientists put the kittens under anaesthetic but when the experiments were finished, most of them were killed.
    In a document seen by Mail Online, 10 universities including Cambridge were listed as having performed the controversial tests.
    University College London gave adult cats anaesthetic before screwing plates into their skull while they were placed face down.
    Electrodes were then attached to their spine to 'investigate how abdominal nerve cells and muscles work together to allow for normal respiration, coughing and breathing.'
    To test 'feedback mechanisms' between the eyes and the brain, they placed electrodes onto certain areas of the brain after removing parts of their skull.
    The University of Bristol purposely bred cats for their experiments, which involved 'cutting through the skin and bone to gain access to the skull.'
    Some of the food regimes, which lasted for six weeks, were high in fat and harmful.
    Cardiff University and University of Edinburgh raised kittens and their mothers in 'complete darkness' to test how certain brain functions related to amblyopia, commonly known as ‘lazy eye’.
    Some kittens were raised normally and then placed in complete darkness for a week. Other kittens had one eye closed through the use of sutures in the eyelids for up to seven days.
    Major head surgery was done to prepare the kittens for testing. They were then anaesthetised and paralysed with a drug which prevented them from breathing or moving.
    A hole was made through their throats into their tracheas (wind pipe) so that a tube could be inserted and used to artificially 'breathe' for them.
    The Royal Veterinary College is also said to be 'directly involved' in the experiments. 

    Animal campaigners have reacted angrily to the revelations with one calling the procedures 'repulsive'. 

    Andrew Tyler, the director of Animal Aid said: 'The extreme suffering and stress endured by the cats and kittens used in these repulsive experiments is deeply disturbing to imagine. 

    'Quite apart from the suffering caused, these appalling procedures are highly unlikely to contribute to medical progress, since the results of animal experiments cannot be reliably translated to humans. 

    'Instead of torturing cats and kittens in perversely cruel experiments, University College London should move into the twenty-first century and embrace the wide range of non-animal methods that are available to scientists and produce valid, human-relevant results.'

    The shocking treatment of the kittens was outlined in a report by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV). 

    CEO of the BUAV, Michelle Thew, said: 'Over 5 million families in the UK share their home with one or more cats yet these much loved animals are still being used in cruel experiments in which they can be subjected to invasive brain surgery or deliberately deprived of light or vision by being raised in total darkness or by having their eyelids sewn shut. 

    'Much of the research is fundamental and the BUAV believes that sophisticated alternative techniques, which do not involve animal suffering, should be used instead. We are calling on the Government to end the cruel use of cats in UK laboratories.'

    Comedian and author, Alexei Sayle, who is campaigning with the BUAV, will deliver report titled ‘What is happening to cats?’ to the Home Office.

    Mr Sayle said: 'As a cat owner myself I know what wonderful companions they can be and how affectionate, intelligent and playful. 

    'That is why I am joining with the BUAV to ask the UK Government to bring an end to the use of all cats in experimentation. It is time to stop this cruel and unnecessary suffering.'

    Last year, animal charity PETA challenged the University of Wisconsin over their treatment of cats during animal testing.

    The organisation managed to capture some of the animals during the procedures. 

    A spokesman from the University of Cambridge said: 'The research to which BUAV refers involved scientists from a number of UK institutions, including researchers from University of Cambridge, who analysed tissue samples. 

    'This research was part of the development of a potential new treatment for amblyopia (lazy eye), a common disorder of vision which affects one in 50 children. 

    'As it would be unethical to carry out such research using humans, initial studies were carried out using mice and rats; in order to further understand whether the treatment was effective, it was then necessary to carry out further work in a higher order animal – in this case a small number of cats.'

    A spokesman for University College London said the experiments mentioned in the article were carried out in 1992 and 1998. 

    Reacting to the allegations, Cardiff University spokesperson said: 'The research referenced in today’s story ended in 2010. 

    'Our research involving animals is aimed at the alleviation of human and veterinary disease through the advancement of medical, dental, biological and veterinary understanding. 

    'All animal-related research work at Cardiff University is designed and carried out in accordance with the principles of the 3Rs under veterinary oversight and in compliance with the strict conditions imposed by the UK Government.' 

    A representative from Bristol University said it could state categorically that the type of research highlighted has not been carried out at the University for at least seven years

    Mail Online has contacted the other institutions for comment.


    BBC NEWS Health Campaigners step up calls for ban on animal tests 

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                                                   S. A. E. N.
                     "Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"


                                            Britches -  Baby Monkey Rescued From Vivisection Lab

                            University Animal Lab Investigation; Narrated by Kim Basinger 2013


                     Camarles Exposed - European Monkey supplier for laboratories

                                   Covance—Undercover Investigation in Virginia


    The number of animal experiments carried out in the UK rose by 8% in 2012, according to Home Office figures.

    Video: Sheep 'infected with disease and left to die in agony' at Cambridge University laboratory


    Lab test sheep at Cambridge University are being left to suffer in pain and misery for pointless experiments, claim animal welfare campaigners.

    The helpless creatures are infected with diseases, then their brains are wired up to electrodes while ­scientists monitor how long it takes them to go blind, lose control of their bodies and eventually die.

    And failings in how they are cared for can result in even worse suffering, says a report by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.

    An investigator who worked undercover in the lab at Britain’s top university claimed one blind sheep was left sitting in her own faeces for days before she was finally put down. Another animal suffered a broken leg after “rough handling” by a worker.

    The experiments are part of research to aid the treatment of Huntington’s disease and Batten disease. Both 
    are incurable, fatal conditions of the nervous system. 

    According to the BUAV report, the sheep testing “did not advance the research for cures”, a claim the university denies. 

    Dr Katy Taylor, BUAV’s head of science said: “It is clear sheep used in the research suffered greatly and at times unnecessarily.”

    Their undercover investigator worked inside the university’s department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience for two months.

     Wired up: A lab worker adjusts electrodes fixed to ewe’s brain

    Test sheep


    The sheep used are flown 11,000 miles from New Zealand, before living out their short lives in the lab. The report claims one four-month old lamb was so ill after the flight it had to be put down at a UK airport.

    Healthy ewes are artificially inseminated with sperm from diseased males suffering a Batten-like disease.

    Once at the university – where 135,000 animal experiments a year are conducted – they undergo surgery to 
    fit electrodes into their brains so scientists can monitor them. 

    According to the BUAV, diseased ewes started to lose their sight within six months and become disorientated.

    Video footage appears to show the creatures stumbling into objects and banging their heads. Many quickly lose weight because they have difficulty eating, it is claimed.

    The report, passed to the Sunday Mirror, says: “These signs get progressively worse until the animals die at about two years old.” 

    It also claims researchers failed to provide sufficient night-time and weekend care for animals.

    It adds: “One sheep was left in a pitiful state – less than half the normal body weight, virtually blind and lying in faeces – for several days during which she deteriorated further rather than being killed when it was obvious she was suffering grievously.”

    A Cambridge spokesman promised an investigation and said the university took “very seriously” any allegation of animals being mistreated.

    He added: “The University strongly agrees with, and rigidly follows, guiding principles emphasised by the Home Office on the need to refine protocols, keep the numbers of animals used to a minimum and replace the use of animals with other methods where possible.

    “We believe good science and good animal welfare go hand in hand. The UK has the most rigorous animal welfare regulations in the world, and Cambridge has always adhered to thes 

    The case for research: The patient

    Afflicted Charles Sabine is in the early stages of Huntington’s, which killed his father.

    The inherited and incurable condition causes abnormal movement and dementia.

    Charles, 54, said: “There is no more appalling disease to suffer, for the patient or the families. It’s a complete breakdown of the human condition.

    “I absolutely support anything that could even give hope of a treatment. The end absolutely justifies the means.”

    The sheep were “engaged in a trial of one of the very few real hopes of treatment”.

    Charles added: “If they (those against the tests) had any idea of what this disease was like, they would never even consider hindering research.”

    The case for research: The scientist

    The sheep tests are vital in the fight to cure the “terrible” brain disease, says Professor Sarah Tabrizi.

    People with an affected parent have a 50:50 chance of getting Huntington’s, which strikes at around 40.

    Prof Tabrizi, based at London’s National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, said: “Scientists have to try to model the disease in animals if there is to be any hope of treatment.

    “Animals such as the sheep in Cambridge are pivotal – they will help us develop ways to switch off the abnormal gene.

    “The reason scientists use sheep is that, unlike rodents, the size of a sheep’s brain is nearer to that of the human.”

    Treatment for Huntington’s would have a big impact on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, she said

    Is medical testing on animals justified?

                                          STOP ANIMAL TESTING NOW ORG.
                                            ↓↓  ↓↓

    Over 1,000 lab animals die in scorching conditions after ventilation system fails

    MORE than 1,000 laboratory animals at a secret scientific testing facility died in baking temperatures when the building's ventilation system failed, a shocking Government report has revealed.   Published:  17:15, Mon, December 8, 2014 

       More than 1,000 lab rats and mice died in the incident

    In total 1,132 mice and rats died because a fuse blew in the cooling system, which saw the building they were kept in warm to unbearable temperatures.

    By the time technicians discovered the problem, 787 animals were already dead.

    Another 345 had to be culled because they were suffering so much.

    In a separate incident at the lab, some genetically altered animals were found to be living in such poor conditions that 68 baby mice disappeared - presumed to have been eaten by their own mothers.

    The incidents at the unnamed facility were detailed in a report by the Home Office, which conducts investigations when things go wrong at animals testing labs.

    The name of the lab's owner has not been released by the Government, for fears of reprisals from animal rights groups.

    The owner is, however, understood to be a private company.

    The Government report said that there was a critical delay in contacting an engineer after high summer temperatures caused the cooling system to overload and cut out.

    This led to soaring temperatures and humidity in the lab, resulting in the animals' deaths.

    Officials said that failings at the lab included a lack of investment in suitable cooling equipment, no proper call-out procedures, shortcomings in training and resources as well as a lack of suitable contingency plans.

    The facility was issued with a written reprimand and a letter sent to the Chief Executive of the parent company of the lab from the Home Secretary about the incident.

    Experts also said that the institution had been involved in two other incidents since 2010 when they were found to have breached rules.

    The report said: "All parties have been helpful and co-operative throughout the investigation and have expressed regret for what happened.

    "Once the relevant issues were identified the establishment responded very quickly to resolve the immediate situation."

    However, a spokesman for animal charity PETA claimed that the laboratory's failings were "downright criminal".

    He said: "This failure to meet even the bare minimum standards of animal care set forth in the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 isn't just irresponsible - it's downright criminal, and for this anonymous institution to get away with its license intact and only a slap on the wrist just beggars belief.

    "Imagine if we were talking about the deaths of hundreds of humans exposed to extreme temperatures with no means of escape or respite - a case would immediately be brought before [the International Criminal Court at] The Hague citing crimes against humanity. 

    "PETA's science advisers have called the troubling lack of detail regarding this case to the attention of the Home Office, and we look forward to seeing tougher action for non-compliance issues and greater transparency regarding regulation breaches in the near future. 

    "Aside from the many cases of neglect of animals in laboratories reported every year, we mustn't forget the enormous waste of time, resources and both human and non-human lives, which is all that this archaic science produces."

    Crime Prevention Minister Lynne Featherstone said: "I expect the highest standards of welfare for animals used in research. Anyone who falls short of these will face sanctions.

    "The UK has one of the most comprehensive animal welfare systems in the world to ensure animal testing is carried out humanely and only when necessary. 

    "All establishments are subjected to regular inspections and we expect them to strictly adhere to the terms of their licences. 

    "The Coalition Government is committed to enhancing openness and transparency about the use of animals in scientific research to improve public understanding of this work."

    This failure to meet even the bare minimum standards of animal care set forth in the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 isn't just irresponsible - it's downright criminal 

    A PETA spokesman  



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